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A warm welcome to our AI News section, with content contribution from SwissCognitive’s Global AI Community. We are happy that you would like to share your experiences and views in the world of Artificial Intelligence with a blog post! You find below the most important points of guidelines and criteria in order to write your own AI Guest Blog Post.


In your own AI Guest Blog Post, you share your personal experiences, knowledge, views, and research in relation to Artificial Intelligence. Our 0.5million global readers (such as Twitter or LinkedIn) look for high-quality content that sheds light on challenges and opportunities with an overall aim to unlock the potentials of Artificial Intelligence. As with us your reach is global, the content and quality of your article are fundamental. Please note that we reserve the right to adapt the text as necessary or not to publish it if it does not fit the mission of the blog. Please be informed that guest blogging on our website is not charged. Find below our AI Guest Blog Guidelines

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Content Requirements

Prime content, meaning, the article has not been published yet on any other channel Content-driven with no product or company promotion Current, authentic and creative Length of the article is 300 words (better 1000 - 1500) Well-structured with titled paragraphs One keyword / focus point is specified and used throughout the article Clearly and adequately referenced external content High quality English (native or bilingual) Add at least one or better 2-3 photos to your article. Ensure that the photo / picture is credited to its source. Please send the picture to socialmedia@swisscognitive.ch with the title of your article.

Article Topic Ideas

How to do’s: How can startups make machine learning models production-ready? Explanations: Artificial Intelligence: A know-it-all guide Listings: 10 essential leadership qualities for the age of AI Research: Technology and the Global Morality Gap – Humankind in Control Miscellaneous: The relationship between 5G and Artificial Intelligence or Philosophy Of AI And The Role Of Digital Design.

Quality Approval

To ensure that your Guest Blog Post meets all the quality criteria, it needs to be approved in one of the following 3 ways:
Self-qualified: this applies if you are an experienced blogger, journalist or a professional lecturer Journalist or professional lecturer approved Proofread by an agency

Content Approval

To ensure high-quality content, your Guest Blog Post will be read for approval by one of your peers in our community. (Peer Review)