SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub – is a trusted network of industries, organizations, enterprises and start-ups to openly & transparently discuss the opportunities, impacts & development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is an on- and offline community that puts the spotlight onto practical use-cases & hands-on experiences, and transfers the hype around AI into real possibilities.


The era of AI has arrived and it can be considered as one of the biggest chances of humanity. Therefore, the question is not whether AI is here to stay and shape our lives but rather how we are going to prepare and make the most of this new technology. With joined forces, SwissCognitive is driven to tackle the challenges wrapped around AI and reveal the incredible opportunities that it has to offer. By raising awareness and focusing on the potentials, with human- and artificial intelligence hand in hand, we aim to drive the world forward on a global level. We are motivated to develop a strong AI ecosystem worldwide and – on an organisational level – advance compatible cognitive intelligence.


We have the strong vision of helping organisations in establishing compatible cognitive intelligence and – as a result – transferring Switzerland into a strong global player in the AI ecosystem. We are deeply committed to our principle of “Share for Success” and aim for a future where the benefits of AI around the globe are mutually harnessed. We believe in the positive change that AI is ought to trigger – and therefore – we aim step ahead of development, prepare the young generation for the future and proactively create tomorrow’s jobs.


We are convinced that AI and other Cognitive Technologies are part of our evolution and – to our own benefit – need to be further developed to truly take advantage of. We also believe that new technologies are to augment human qualities, capabilities & skills, and therefore, need to be embraced and put into action together. In our rapidly changing world, to tackle challenges we need to stand together, and on mutually beneficial ways harness the fruits of new technologies.


We actively advocate the potentials and benefits of AI, and facilitate exchange and learning both on- and off line. We encourage open, transparent and thought-stimulating discussions, and stage practical and transferable AI use-cases from a variety of industries. We connect influential voices and decision makers in the field of AI across industries on a global level, and empower the AI community to openly discuss the potentials and risks. We motivate teams, organizations and industries to work together towards effective and value-driven AI solutions.


2019: Dalith Steiger Named «Top 10 Women Influencer in AI» 2018: Named as the «Fastest Growing Swiss Brand in Social Media» 2018: Named as one of the «Top 3 Global AI Influencer» 2018: Andy Fitze Named «Top 100 Digital Leader DACH» 2017: Winner of «Swiss ICT Public Award» 2017: Winner of «Best Digital Disruptor Start-up» at the Digital World Congress in Madrid 2017: Invited to UN Headquarters in New York and the European Union as an AI expert 2017: Winner of «Zuger Young Entrepreneur Award»


Founded in 2016 by Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze Brand of WhyWait Ltd. Based in Switzerland Involving over 30 industry sectors Representing over 3 million employees Cooperating with over 350 companies and organizations Reaching over 1/2 million followers on social media Organising over 20 CognitiveTanks & CognitiveBrains Attracting over 2000 CognitiveTanks & CognitiveBrains event attendees Over 150 public and closed-door keynotes & discussions on AI Over 50 Workshops held internally to organisations and enterprises