Global Network of Experts Shaping the Development of Artificial Intelligence

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The Global AI Ambassador Program

In the new era of technological transformation, AI is reshaping business and society. Collaboration is crucial for successful integration. SwissCognitive launched the Global AI Ambassador Program in 2022, uniting AI leaders worldwide. The program aims to transparently share knowledge across domains and industries, increase societal understanding of emerging technologies, advance AI sustainably, and create a future of high-performing businesses and equitable economic advancement.

Who are the AI Ambassadors?

AI Ambassadors are an exclusive group of AI experts, leaders and thought-leaders stemming from various industries from around the globe. They earned their credibility through experience, knowledge and seniority in the field, and were handpicked for their exemplary achievements. They join forces in one unified mission – to foster economic and social progress at the intersection of human intelligence, creativity, curiosity, and cognitive technologies. They represent diverse industry sectors and domains and are collaborating on the ground of cognitive technologies.

What do AI Ambassadors do?

AI Ambassadors play an active role in the global ecosystem and are vital in driving innovation and development with cognitive technologies in their domain. They dare to take risks and tap into the yet unknown but rapidly unfolding opportunities offered at the intersection of human and Artificial Intelligence. They dare to fail and are eager to learn also from exchanges with experts outside of their industries. Above else, their focus falls on common goals and mutual benefits for business and society, and to create trust, understanding, and acceptance, are willing to communicate openly & transparently not only about successes but also setbacks and challenges.

Spread Knowledge

Global AI Ambassadors embody the motto “Share for Success” by regularly sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences. Through boardroom exchanges, global speaking engagements, interviews, articles, podcasts, books, and whitepapers, they reach millions of people, driving global impact and development.

Inspire Exchange

AI Ambassadors challenge ideas and sparkle meaningful exchanges in their communities. They foster transparent discussions about AI’s current state, development, and opportunities, and address challenges with a solution-driven mindset. Drawing from extensive experience and expertise, they remain open to new ideas that shape the trajectory of AI.

Involve Communities

AI Ambassadors actively seek out experts and leaders who are eager to share insights with our global network. They value collaboration over competition, recognizing that common interests are best achieved by joining forces and involving diverse industries, organizations, and domains in discussions. This inclusive approach fosters a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Would you like to become a Global AI Ambassador?

For nomination, please send us:
– Your biography of 100-150 words
– Your social media links (LinkedIn and Twitter)
– Your activities related to AI
– Your drive for becoming a Global AI Ambassador

Criteria to be met:
– AI expert with 10+ years of experience with AI
– High-level education related to AI, leadership and digital transformation
– Proven track record of communicating about the latest technological advancements both online and offline
– You are a community builder to drive advancement with the smart combination of Human & Artificial Intelligence
– Nominations take place in January every year (Subject to change)