Global Network of Experts Shaping the Development of Artificial Intelligence


The AI Ambassador Community

Research, development, and top-notch solutions are only part of the technological evolution. The world also needs experts and leaders who join forces globally to drive development. AI Ambassadors form a global network that involves communities worldwide in the AI journey, stimulate information flow across borders and disciplines, and while building trust, play a crucial role in demystifying AI.

Who are the AI Ambassadors?

AI Ambassadors are recognized & trusted experts. They are carefully selected strictly on the basis of their personal accomplishments – regardless companies, organizations or products. They believe in the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence that can drive businesses and societies forward. They are propelled by passion and committed to share their knowledge & experience with an interdisciplinary approach.

What do AI Ambassadors do?

AI Ambassadors are empowered in various ways to positively influence the AI trajectory on behalf of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network. Based on their activities and contribution, they also have the chance to be nominated and recognized as Ambassadors of the year.

Write & Publish

Share knowledge and experience in AI with the global community by contributing to SwissCognitive’s news section reaching over 1/2mill followers on social media.

Review & Recommend

Review the blogging content of fellow Ambassadors, recommend potential AI Ambassadors, shape the Ambassador Program, and nominate the AI Ambassadors of the Year.

Join Forces

Ambassadors position themselves under the label Global AI Ambassador and gain visibility in SwissCognitive’s AI ecosystem by joining in the mission of driving businesses and societies forward with the development of AI.

Engage with the AI Community

Engage actively with the AI community by charring or becoming part of global AI expert discussions, giving keynotes, presenting use cases or leading workshops – all  facilitated by SwissCognitive.