Global Network of Experts Shaping the Development of Artificial Intelligence

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The AI Ambassador Community

Research, development, and top-notch solutions are only part of the technological evolution. The world also needs experts and leaders who join forces globally to drive development. AI Ambassadors form a global network that involves communities worldwide in the AI journey, stimulate information flow across borders and disciplines, and while building trust, play a crucial role in demystifying AI.

Who are the AI Ambassadors?

AI Ambassadors are recognized & trusted experts from different industries and domains from across the world. They are carefully selected strictly on the basis of their personal accomplishments – regardless companies, organizations or products. They believe in the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence that can drive businesses and societies forward. They are propelled by passion and committed to share their knowledge & experience with an interdisciplinary approach.

AI Ambassadors associate themselves with the key value of SwissCognitive, which is to join forces across industries and domains globally to advance our cognitive technologies forward to the benefit of our businesses, societies, economies, and fragile planet.

What do AI Ambassadors do?

AI Ambassadors are empowered in various ways to positively influence the AI trajectory on behalf of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network. Their credibility is proved by their track record, expertise and seniority with AI in their domain. They are eager to spread their knowledge in order to demystify AI and contribute to its societal acceptance & development.

Spread Knowledge

Knowledge and experience have to shared to be amplified for common benefits. AI Ambassadors deeply believe in the SwissCognitive motto of “Share for Success” and, therefore,  they spread hands-on insights into the current state, challenges and potentials of AI. They do this as expert speakers on our virtual conferences, and also in forms of articles – all reaching over 1/2m followers globally.

Inspire Exchange

AI Ambassadors don’t mind challenging ideas. They trigger deep exchanges in their communities both on and offline. They lead transparent discussions around the current state, development, and opportunities of AI, and transparently address challenges with solution-driven attitude. They base their views on extensive experience and expertise, yet open for new ideas that can shape the AI trajectory even further.

Involve Communities

AI Ambassadors are on constant lookout for other experts and leaders who are also eager to share their insights with our global network – be that on the stages of our global-reaching conferences as well in the boardrooms. They know, it is not about competition. It is about common interest that can be only achieved by joining forces and bring as many industries, organisation and domains into the discussion as possible.