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SwissCognitive in the News

September 2021: Dalith Steiger in Premium Speakers «A woman in AI: Dalith Steiger – a powerful inspiration for the world» September 2021: Andy Fitze in Premium Speakers «Andy Fitze – Pioneering Global Corporate Digital Strategies.» January 2021: Dalith Steiger in SAS Blog «AI as a sales hit with morals AI/a>» August 2020: Andy Fitze in FOKUS «Andy Fitze: «Für grosse Visionen braucht es mehr Leader»» May 2020: Dalith Steiger in Management and Quality «Tag der Schweizer Qualität 2020 auf digitalen Wegen» January 2020: Dalith Steiger in interview with ABB «On course for a sustainable future with artificial intelligence» Dalith Steiger in topsoft «Künstliche Intelligenz ist mehr als Technologie»» March 2019: Andy Fitze in netzwoche «Andy Fitze: "Nicht überall, wo KI draufsteht, ist auch tatsächlich KI drin"» December 2019: Dalith Steiger in the ABB and «Special Edition» December 2019: Dalith Steiger in «Dalith Steiger zur Zukunft der digitalen Schweiz» November 2019: Dalith Steiger in International Advertising Association «Artificial Intelligence for Good» October 2019: Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze in KMU Magazin «Unser Land hat die besten Zutaten für eine «AI Schweiz»» October 2019: Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze «in Interview with Roman Probst»» September 2019: Opening Speech on the Launch for CognitiveValley «- Walter Thurnherr - Swiss Federal Chancellor» January 2019: Dalith Steiger in annabelle «Die Kreativität liegt in der Natur des Menschen» November 2018: Dalith Steiger in baurundschau «Disruption – Wie verändert sich die Bauwirtschaft?»

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2021: SwissCognitive recognised as one of the «32 Best Predictive Analytics Startups in Switzerland of 2021» 2021: Andy Fitze Named as «Top 10 AI Thought leaders and influencers to follow 2021» 2021: SwissCognitive recognised as one of the «Top publications and resources discussing AI 2021» 2021: Dalith Steiger & Andy Fitze Named as one of the «Top AI Industry Key Opinion Leaders 2021» 2021: Andy Fitze Named as «Top 20 AI Influencers you need to follow in 2021» 2021: Andy Fitze Named as «Top 10 AI Influencers You Should Definitely Follow in 2021» 2021: Dalith Steiger Named as «Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers to Follow 2021» 2021: Andy Fitze Named as «one of the 100 Most Influential People In AI» (...) The list is even longer, check out «all Milestones and Facts & Figures»

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