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Experience and expertise are powerful gifts that deserve to be shared. Our role is to help you achieve success by facilitating your exchange with cross-industry AI leaders and experts – be that on large scale on our global-reaching stage or small scale in roundtable discussions.

Expert Exchange – Public

In Brief

Global-reaching, transparent, cross-industry & interdisciplinary exchange of AI leaders and experts to highlight successes and address challenges while allowing the broad public to get the most realistic view on the AI ecosystem both on macro and micro levels.


  • Hands-on industry insights
  • Non-sales approach
  • Reach into 80-100 countries
  • 2.5-3k event-viewers
  • Over 1/2mill social media followers in a future-driven AI-focused global ecosystem
  • Practical use-cases, thought-provoking expert panel discussions, interesting keynotes


CognitiveVirtuals: Three hour-long exchange of twenty globally recognized AI experts, leaders and thought-leaders, addressing the hottest topics in AI that are present across industries.

CognitiveNations: 1-3 hour-long expert exchange with industry and country representatives brought on stage spotlighting the current trends, challenges, and outlook of AI in various countries.

CognitiveSofas: Three hour-long interview exchange with a handful of globally recognized AI experts, leaders, and thought-leaders from various industries from the global AI ecosystem.

Boardroom Think Tanks – Private

In Brief

Transparent and open discussions between the most influential leaders of organizations from various industries in a private and trusted setting. These discussions to look at cross-industry AI challenges with the aim to join forces, find common grounds and solutions together.  


  • Transparent & open boardroom discussions
  • 2-4 hour brainstorming with 5-10 leaders
  • Cross-industry exchange with decision makers
  • Focused-topic on one challenge that is present cross-industry



CognitiveLunches: Cross-industry leadership exchange with the most senior leaders addressing a specific topic that is challenging organisations in various industries.

CognitiveBrains: Cross-industry expert exchange about the challenges associated with the practical development and application of AI. One topic is challenged from various perspectives with the aim of finding common grounds and solutions.

Small-Circle Think Tanks – Private

CognitiveTanks: Cross-industry leadership and expert exchange focused on a specific topic in AI that is relevant cross-industry and cross-organization. These exchanges happen in person with a unique opportunity to network in trusted circles with the goal of joining forces to the benefit of business and society. 

Campaigning About AI

Questioning the power of social media in society is like questioning the importance of sunlight on earth. It’s no longer a want, but a need. With our global reach we not only inform individuals and societies but also move and drive them forward – all propelled by cognitive technologies.  


  • Inform, move and drive forward a constantly increasing community of ½ million followers globally
  • Raise awareness about the current stand and use of AI in your organisation
  • Position & accelerate your organisation in an AI-focused ecosystem
  • Leverage our reach into close to 100 countries

Speaking Engagements and Advisory

In high-quality speaking engagements and in format of advisory, AI thought-leader, Dalith Steiger and digital strategist, Andy Fitze help organisations to rethink approaches and shape those according to the rapidly changing business environments and customer preferences. With extensive knowledge and over 50 years of combined experience, they help teams and organisations to accelerate through successful digital transformation.


  • Keynotes
  • Interviews
  • Panel Discussions
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Advisory


Get in touch with us via an email to team@swisscognitive.ch to find synergies and see the most beneficial ways for you and your organisation to leverage the reach and knowledge of our Global AI Hub.