Artificial intelligence isn’t new, but broad public interest in it is. BCG’s survey found that people are surprisingly knowledgeable and excited about AI. Business leaders should understand and not underestimate consumers when developing and deploying AI-enabled solutions.


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– Overall, 75% of survey respondents have used ChatGPT or another AI-driven tool. In markets such as India, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates, AI usage exceeds the levels in so-called mature markets.
– Consumers have a nuanced understanding of AI. Many are excited, but a significant subset see potential downsides if the technology is not “done right.”
– For lifestyle uses of GenAI, respondents expressed a mix of excitement (43%) and concern (29%). Excitement about GenAI in the workplace was higher at 70%, with 15% expressing concern.
– The misinformation-excitement-concern curve shows that, prior to using AI, people have more negative than positive feelings about the technology.
– Leaders should build trust by respecting consumers’ views, countering early misinformation, practicing responsible AI, and tapping into existing pockets of excitement.

It took Spotify some 150 days to garner a million users. Instagram, about 75 days. ChatGPT? Just five days.

Artificial intelligence isn’t new, but broad public interest in it is, particularly as generative AI (GenAI) tools have been released over the past year. ChatGPT, for example, has become a household name. And our recent survey of consumers found that people are more knowledgeable and excited about AI than you might think. (See “About Our Research.”) Don’t underestimate them. Do understand them, deeply.

The facets of AI that excite consumers—and the ones that concern them—as they use AI-driven tools to shop, find information, do their jobs, and more are valuable guides to developing and deploying AI-enabled solutions and transformations.

BCG’s Center for Customer Insight surveyed 21,000 consumers from 21 countries, across continents[…]

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