SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network is a global community of business leaders and AI experts driving the development of AI forward and turning it into a key economy-booster.

From Our Foundation to Today

SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI network was founded in 2016 by AI thought-leader Dalith Steiger and digital transformation strategist, Andy Fitze. The organization grew out from Switzerland into a global community of cross-industry experts, leaders, and an AI community of over ½ million on social media, involving over 30 industry sectors in over 100 countries globally. Since 2016, SwissCognitive brought around 500 leaders & AI experts into discussion, carefully followed by an audience of over 26’000.

What Propels Us

AI has the means to find solutions to our global challenges. It is already applied across industries and organizations, yet its full potentials are still to be revealed. We are propelled to demystify AI and facilitate exchange across disciplines to tackle questions and drive our world forward.

What We Envision

Make sense of the thousands of years worth of data that we have collected throughout history. With the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence increase innovation and productivity. While unleashing the full potentials of AI, commit to technological social responsibility.

What We Offer

Individual Involvement

Blogging: Contribute to the global AI news by sharing own experiences and knowledge. Raise awareness and demystify misconceptions around AI.

Global AI Ambassador: Drive the AI trajectory by joining forces with other experts globally – stimulating information flow across borders and disciplines.

Business Services

Global Approach: Increase brand visibility and awareness in the AI ecosystem by leveraging our global-reaching stage, network & social media platforms.

Boardroom Approach: Accelerate business growth with visible results based on confidential boardroom discussions between experts, leaders & decision makers.


Get in touch with us to find synergies and see how we can join forces and share our vision to drive business and society forward, facilitated by the unique power of our World-Leading Network.