SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network is a highly respected cross-industry global community of business leaders and AI experts transparently exchanging about the development & implementation of AI. While spotlighting hands-on use cases, challenges, successes, and opportunities – both in the boardroom and on global stages, driven by turning AI into a key economy-booster.

Company Overview – From Foundation to Today

SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI network was founded in 2016 by AI thought-leader Dalith Steiger and digital transformation strategist, Andy Fitze. The organization grew out from Switzerland into a global community of cross-industry experts, leaders, and an AI community of over ½ million on social media, involving over 30 industry sectors in 100 countries globally. Since 2016, besides regional Think Tanks, workshops and boardroom discussions, from March 2020 SwissCognitive brought over 300 AI leaders & experts into discussion, carefully followed by an audience of over 24’000.


Our motivation is tied together with the incredible potentials of AI which are yet to be unleashed. Its development is not any more an option, but a must. It is our responsibility today to join forces across industries and disciplines to come to find answers to urging global questions. Human intelligence is at a point where it hasn’t been yet. Augmenting that with the power of Artificial Intelligence can lead to not yet even imagined solutions. We have all the resources we need to drive our businesses and societies forward. We are dedicated to propel that and drive change for the current and coming generations.


Our vision is to make sense of the thousands of years worth of data that we have collected throughout history, and with the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence find answers to urging global questions. We believe that with joint forces, we can drive societies forward by unleashing the potentials of AI in businesses, preparing the young generation for the future, and proactively creating the jobs of tomorrow.


We believe that AI and other supporting Cognitive Technologies are part of our evolution. We see an incredible potential in the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence that can drive our world forward. It is in our “SwissCognitive DNA” to join forces, share knowledge and experiences, and work towards the era together where the augmentation of humans with smart technologies result in sustainable businesses and flourishing societies.


We actively raise awareness about the current state, benefits, challenges and potentials AI. We do this by spreading the latest AI news on our global reaching social media channels and on our events both on and off line. We encourage open and transparent discussions, bring leaders and experts together from various industries and connect B2B to join forces and drive our world forward.


Get in touch with us to find synergies and see how we can join forces and share our vision to drive business and society forward, facilitated by the unique power of our World-Leading Network.