Andreas Welsch asks Mark Minevich about AI’s pivotal role in achieving a sustainable human-centric progres beyond efficiency and productivity.


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SwissCognitive_Logo_RGBOn January 23, Mark Minevich (Chief Digital AI Strategist & Author) joined me on “What’s the BUZZ?” and shared how we can create a sustainable future with AI. AI has the potential to drive sustainability and human-centric advancement. But that requires responsible AI practices, focusing on privacy, bias, energy consumption, and alignment with UN SDG goals. AI programs and use cases in a business can contribute to the overarching goal of increased sustainability. But what does that mean for AI leaders working on AI implementations? Here is what we’ve talked about…

AI’s Human-Centric Potential Beyond Efficiency

Business leaders are frequently approaching AI as a technology topic aimed at creating efficiencies in a business and increasing productivity. While this is an important value proposition, it’s just part of the technology’s potential. Enhancing sustainability and human well-being as the other aspects comes at a crucial time when the world grapples with significant challenges such as climate change, public health crises, and the need for sustainable energy solutions.AI can drive innovations across key sectors like climate science, healthcare, infrastructure, and energy management. Despite some corporations showing initiative, businesses need to demonstrate a more widespread and committed effort to embed sustainability and inclusiveness at the heart of AI applications.

Measuring Successful And Sustainable AI Initiatives

But it is not just leaders and individual businesses who need to step up. Frameworks are necessary for gauging the success of AI integration in societal advancement, emphasizing privacy, bias elimination, energy efficiency, and alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).It is important to design AI systems that inherently respect user privacy and collect as little data as possible to maintain public trust.[…]

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