Learn about a strategic approach to using AI and ML in your marketing analytics.


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Marketing analytics stands out as an ideal starting point for businesses to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is due to a confluence of complementary factors.

  • First and most importantly, marketing analytics has immediate impact on revenue generation and the ability to build stronger customer relationships. This not only delivers tangible, high-value ROI, but it directly addresses the strategic issues that C-suite executives are most concerned with in their digital transformation journeys.
  • Second, there is a strong automation landscape in martech that already can deliver results at scale and has been heavily invested in over decades. There has never been a better time to see AI and ML not as features but rather as framing principles for the evolution of a martech strategy, and in so doing create better return on investment from martech overall.
  • Thirdly, the latest wave in AI and ML tools, especially in “upstream” data environments, are incredibly well-suited to breaking down the data silos that have unfortunately come to define the customer data landscape. These represent the most strategically critical collection of data assets available to today’s most competitive enterprises. The scaling of customer data with AI and ML, either through data creation or resolution, is therefore a catalyst for better marketing — marketing that depends on deeper, more actionable insights and more transportable, available data sets.

The clear adoption benefits associated with these capabilities have met their moment as businesses signal their willingness to embrace and invest, and as cloud technology companies accelerate the delivery of a new generation of tools designed with the non-technical user in mind.

In an ever-more competitive marketing landscape, the transformation pressure to move rapidly toward the scaled use of AI and ML in marketing will become exponentially higher with each passing quarter, and savvy enterprises will prioritize the cross-functional collaboration necessary to achieve acceleration.

Adopting AI/ML in marketing analytics is aligned with a powerful and durable trend

It’s hard to find a business function leader who isn’t excited about AI and ML’s potential for transformative benefit. Why wouldn’t they be? Recent BCG CEO research places AI as thematically competitive only with changes in overall consumer behavior and climate and sustainability as top opportunities for their businesses.[…]

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