AI and ML are reshaping HR, unlocking new efficiencies and a more skilled, engaged workforce.


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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) use cases continue to expand daily, bringing change to virtually every industry. Across most industries and in functions such as customer care, finance, and HR, AI and ML solutions are being deployed to augment decision-making capabilities and increase levels of automation to optimise the power of human-machine teaming.

But the technology comes with its potential challenges ranging from upholding user rights on privacy practices to stoking fears of displacing workers. Governments across the world including in Southeast Asia are taking steps to address AI challenges. In Singapore for example, the government launched the AI Verify Foundation earlier this year, to harness the global open-source community to develop AI testing tools for the responsible use of AI.

Balancing the risks and benefits of AI and ML can be a tricky process but when optimised in the right way, AI and ML can be leveraged for economic growth, and to foster innovation, elevate service delivery, and enhance customer experience. This is no truer than in human capital.

With people being the bedrock of any organisation, CEOs and HR leaders play a vital role in shaping the workplace of the future, leveraging the strengths of AI and ML while keeping humans at the centre. In a recent Workday survey, 65% of business leaders noted that their existing deployment of AI and ML solutions has played a key role in improving the employee experience – a driving factor towards a more productive and adaptable workforce.

Leveraging AI to gain a holistic view of workforce skills and talent

Traditionally, organisations attract, hire, and retain talent by focusing on previous and current positions, experience, and degrees. However, with the evolving nature of work and the ongoing war for talent, there is a massive shift in how organisations approach talent with a growing focus on skills. […]

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