Join us for the rich insights from yesterday’s “AI Trajectory 2024 – Invest for Impact” event, featuring renowned speakers who illuminated the expansive and transformative role of AI in investment, healthcare, education, and more. Hosted by SwissCognitive Co-Founders, the Swiss AI Power Couple, Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze.


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“The AI Trajectory 2024. Invest for Impact Wrap-up”

Yesterday, at the “AI Trajectory 2024 – Invest for Impact” virtual conference, we embarked on an enlightening journey, exploring the multifaceted role of AI across various sectors. From dissecting investment strategies in AI to leveraging its potential in healthcare, the event unfolded as a tapestry of insights, innovations, and forward-thinking discussions. Esteemed speakers from diverse industries shared their profound expertise, shedding light on the transformative impact of AI and setting the stage for a future where technology and humanity coalesce more seamlessly than ever. This article serves as a wrap-up for those who missed this illuminating event, encapsulating the key highlights and takeaways from our panel of visionary experts.

Why Invest in AI Today

With Petra Vorsteher and Ragnar Kruse.

We stand at the threshold of a transformative era, where AI’s role in our lives is not just supportive but deeply integral. Investing in AI today is not just an option but a necessity, propelled by its rapid technological maturity and the increasing attention it commands at the top echelons of business leadership.

Interview1_The AI Trajectory_2024_SwissCognitive_World

Dalith Steiger, Co-Founder of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network, Petra Vorsteher, Founding Partner AI.FUND; Founding Partner AI.INVEST, Ragnar Kruse, Founding Partner & Managing Director, AI.FUND; Founder, AI.HAMBURG

The Future of Investments in AI Foundation Models

With Jacques Ludik, Cinderella Amar, David Shrier, Nils Reimers, John Wesley

The discussion around AI foundation models marked a pivotal shift in perspective. It’s a landscape where democratization of technology grapples with security and ethical use. For investors, grasping these nuances is vital for safeguarding their interests and remaining ahead in a rapidly changing environment. This includes striking a balance between harnessing proprietary data and adapting to the trend of democratization. They must navigate a world where foundational AI models, once the domain of a select few due to high development costs, are now becoming more accessible, prompting a need for innovative and sustainable business models.

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Jacques Ludik, Founder & CEO, Cortex Logic & Cortex Group, Founder & President, Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa, Cinderella Amar, Managing Partner, Glass Ventures, David Shrier, Professor of Practice, AI & Innovation, Imperial College Business School; Founder & Managing Director, Visionary Future, Nils Reimers, Director of Machine Learning, Cohere, John Wesley, Senior Investment Director, NVentures

Bringing the Reading Gap: AI Innovations in Dyslexia Support

With Artem Pochechuev

The landscape of technology is undergoing a profound transformation with AI-driven initiatives, significantly impacting both education and practical applications. In the realm of education and personal development, AI is revolutionizing the way we support individuals with dyslexia, serving as a prime example of how human-centric AI systems are unlocking people’s full potential.

The AI Trajectory 2024 - Invest for Impact

Artem Pochechuev, AI Expert, Head of Data Science, Sigli

Healthcare Industry Transformation – Harnessing Automation, AI, and Talent

With Alexander Büsser, Laura Modiano, Anita Puppe, Heinrich Zetlmayer, Jose Pedro Almeida

The integration of generative AI in healthcare is creating a paradigm shift by efficiently structuring and analyzing complex data, leading to improved patient care and outcomes. This technology is crucial in consolidating fragmented data, transforming workflows, and the healthcare value chain, thereby enhancing efficiency and freeing resources for more critical tasks. Looking to the future, AI is pivotal in addressing global healthcare challenges, facilitating international collaboration and the sharing of medical data, and fostering a more unified and effective global healthcare system.

The AI Trajectory 2024 - Invest for Impact

Alexander Büsser, Director Data, AI & Platforms, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, Laura Modiano, Principal Venture Capital and Startups Business Development, EMEA AWS, Anita Puppe, Healthcare Industry AI Transformation Leader; Senior Consultant Strategy & Business Design, IBM iX DACH, Heinrich Zetlmayer, General Partner, yabeo; Founder & General Partner, Blockchain Valley Ventures, Jose Pedro Almeida, Chief AI Strategist for Healthcare, Advisory Board Member, Intelligence Ventures

Computer Vision in Water

With Omer Bar-Ilan, Co-Founder, CEO, Lynxight

Simultaneously, the integration of computer vision in aquatic environments marks the dawn of a new technological era. This technology is not only optimizing feeding patterns and enhancing navigation for underwater ROVs but also playing a critical role in public safety. Its capability to rapidly assess risks in water environments, such as swimming pools, for drowning prevention, is a testament to its versatility and impact, showcasing the diverse and transformative applications of AI across various sectors.

Omer Bar-Ilan, Co-Founder, CEO, Lynxight

STEM Evolution 2024: Redefining Science in the Age of AI and LLM

With Solomon Amar, Jeanne Lim, Stéphanie Bretonniere, Arnaud Quintin, Assaf Araki

In the evolving landscape of STEM, we are witnessing a redefinition of scientific approaches and applications. This includes the development of scalable science-based applications that leverage content generation, idea ideation, and knowledge navigation, all underpinned by engaging AI bots. In In the meantime, AI’s role in industries like food and automotive is transformative, optimizing resources like water for sustainability and reshaping customer engagement and internal processes. Of course, this progress is accompanied by challenges in privacy, bias, and the need for regulatory measures, highlighting the importance of a balanced and ethical approach to AI integration in our society.


Solomon Amar, Founder & CEO, ALLSTARSIT; Founder, AI Labs, Jeanne Lim, Angel Investor, Co-founder & CEO, beingAI, Stéphanie Bretonniere, Founder & CEO, WE IMPACT.WORLD, Arnaud Quintin, VP, Organisation and Transformation, Renault Group, Assaf Araki, Investment Director, Intel Capital

Rhythmic Intelligence: AI’s Impact on Music and Health

With Walter Werzowa

Finally, we head how AI is revolutionizing the music industry by enabling anyone to create music, thereby enhancing creativity and democratizing the art form. Rather than feeling threatened, we can learn more about how currently available technology and AI can help us take our music-making skills to even higher levels creating works that were previously impossible.

Walter Werzowa, University Professor – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna; Head Of Music, MYTHOS MOZART

If you missed our “The AI Trajectory 2024. Invest for Impact.” virtual conference, here you can find the video recording:

For the conference details, agenda, speaker line-up and handouts CLICK HERE