In Brief

Venture capital investment has discovered a new horizon of extensive possibilities – Generative AI. This advanced technology is rapidly gaining traction among investors as an exciting avenue to explore, owing to its limitless potential for revolutionizing industries across the globe.

In Detail

Venture capitalists’ investment patterns can help us to turn our heads to the right direction. These days the investments indicate that the future belongs to those businesses which leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities.

In recent years, we have witnessed extraordinary advances and progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the advent of Generative AI, this technology has unlocked remarkable potential that venture capitalists (VCs), entrepreneurs, founders and other stakeholders are eager to harness. Just like venture capital firms, the business community is also increasingly paying attention to the potential of generative AI applications. As a result, the global generative AI market is expected to reach $42.6 billion in 2023 and $98.1 billion in 2026. (see here)

This global-reaching online conference will unite 20 experts & leaders at the intersection of AI and VCs to elevate awareness about this powerful trend with hands-on perspectives.

On Stage

Leaders and experts from
– VCs
– Start-ups
– VC-made unicorns
– Enterprises

1 Focus
20 Experts
100+ Countries
3’000+ Viewers
*2’000’000+ Followers


Virtual Conference 

A global-reaching event series on AI.
NO SALES. Just content.
Practical AI under the magnifying glass of global AI leaders & experts.
3+k Conference Viewers | 100+ Countries | 20+ Speakers | *2mill followers are including the 2023 Global AI Ambassadors‘ followers

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SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network

Date and Time

13. June 2023, 16:00 – 19:00 CET



Agenda & Speakers

See below – more details to be announced soon

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Virtual Conference Agenda

Central European Time (CET)

16:00 – 16:05

Welcome by SwissCognitive

Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze, Co-Founders of SwissCognitive

16:05 – 16:20


16:20 – 16:55

Expert Panel Discussion

16:55 – 17:15


17:15 – 17:50

Expert Panel Discussion

17:50 – 18:05

use case with practical insights

18:05 – 18:40

Expert Panel Discussion



Conference Speakers


Danielle Gifford

Executive Director, Movement51
AI Project Selection Committee, Protein Industries Canada


Bo Percival

Senior Adviser, Innovation (Ventures)


Cédric Waldburger

Founder, Code & State | General Partner & Founder, Tomahawk.VC
Investor in Early Stage Tech Companies, tenderloin ventures


Assaf Araki

Investment Director
Intel Capital


Caroline Hultman

Investor, J12 Ventures | Seed Investor in Ivy &
Co-Founder and Board Member, GAIN – Girls Are Investors


Heinrich Zetlmayer

Member of the Board, Skaylink
Founder & General Partner, Blockchain Valley Ventures


Julie Maples

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Beny Rubinstein

CEO, Banco BV Israel | VP Global Innovation
Limited Partner, Maverick Ventures Israel
Chair, TIGER 21 Tel Aviv


Thomas Dübendorfer

Internet Entrepreneur and Business Angel
President, SICTIC
Information Security Expert

Alexander Stoeckel_Philip_Morris_2_Generative_AI_A_New_Frontier_for_VC_Investments_SwissCognitive_World-Leading_AI.jpg

Alexander Stoeckel


Philipp Stauffer

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Jacqueline Ruedin Rüsch

Founding General Partner, Privilège Ventures
Member, European & Global Women in VC


Jim O’Shaughnessy

Founder and CEO, O’Shaughnessy Ventures LLC
Executive Chair Board of Directors, Stability AI


Gali Bloch Liran

Founder & CEO, The Human Founder | Startup & VC Executive Coach I Angel Investor |
Founders Leadership Coach, Google for Startups Israel


David Casillas

Founder and CEO, Nyx software y tecnología
Co-Founder, Pixframe Studios


Stéphan – Eloïse Gras

Chief Executive Officer, Digital Africa
Co-Founder, Africa 4 Tech | Associate Professor, Sciences Po


Massimo Buonomo

Expert and Advisor for Investment Fund, AI and Blockchain, NEVA SGR |
International Expert – Ethics in Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Applications, IEC

Lisa_Cohen_JVP__ Generative_AI_A_New_Frontier_for_VC_Investments_SwissCognitive_World-Leading_AI_Network

Lisa Cohen

Investment Director
Jerusalem Venture Partners, JVP

Yorai Fainmesser_ Generative_AI_A_New_Frontier_for_VC_Investments_SwissCognitive_World-Leading_AI_Network

Yorai Fainmesser

General Partner
Disruptive AI L.P. Fund

Ken_Forster_Momenta_ Generative_AI_A_New_Frontier_for_VC_Investments_SwissCognitive_World-Leading_AI_Network

Ken Forster

Founder & Executive Director


Benjamin Levy

Founder & General Partner

Conference Host & Facilitator


Dalith Steiger

Co-Founder, Global AI Thought Leader
SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network


Andy Fitze

Co-Founder, Digital Transformation Strategist
SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network

Conference Team


Livia Spiesz

Head of Global Partnerships and Communications
SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network


Bianka Németvölgyi

Social Media Manager
SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network

Virtual Conference

These virtual conferences are regular worldwide-reaching online events bringing dozens of global AI leaders and experts together to share their views, experiences and expertise in the development of AI to the benefit of business and society. These 3 hour-long events are transparently addressing the development of cognitive technologies – including successes and challenges – while reaching and connecting a global online community of over ½ million followers.

All the sessions and formats are strictly content-driven with a non-sales approach, allowing focused and open discussions with no BS just content. These events provide not only a platform to brainstorm and network but also to position experts, leaders, organisations, research developments, the current status and future outlook of AI.