Businesses are employing artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of ways to improve efficiencies, save time and decrease costs. With continued advancements, AI is quickly becoming a precious resource for companies across industries. To better understand how businesses use AI, Forbes Advisor surveyed 600 business owners using or planning to incorporate AI in business. The results revealed AI’s impact on areas such as cybersecurity, fraud management, content production and customer support, including the use of top chatbots.


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– Over half of business owners use artificial intelligence for cybersecurity and fraud management.
– One in four business owners are concerned about AI affecting website traffic.
– Almost all (97%) business owners believe ChatGPT will help their business.
– One in three businesses plan to use ChatGPT to write website content, while 44% plan to use ChatGPT to write content in other languages.
– Nearly half (46%) of business owners use AI to craft internal communications.
– Over 40% are concerned about an over-dependence on technology due to AI use.
– Nearly two-thirds(64%) of business owners believe AI will improve customer relationships.

How Businesses Are Using Artificial Intelligence

Businesses are turning to AI to a greater degree to improve and perfect their operations. According to the Forbes Advisor survey, businesses are using AI across a wide range of areas. The most popular applications include customer service, with 56% of respondents using AI for this purpose, and cybersecurity and fraud management, adopted by 51% of businesses.

Other notable uses of AI are customer relationship management (46%), digital personal assistants (47%), inventory management (40%) and content production (35%). Businesses also leverage AI for product recommendations (33%), accounting (30%), supply chain operations (30%), recruitment and talent sourcing (26%) and audience segmentation (24%).

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Businesses Are Using AI To Improve the Customer Experience

AI is playing a significant role in enhancing customer experiences across touchpoints. According to the Forbes Advisor survey, 73% of businesses use or plan to use AI-powered chatbots for instant messaging. Moreover, 61% of companies use AI to optimize emails, while 55% deploy AI for personalized services, such as product recommendations.[…]

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