Students discuss the impact of AI and machine learning for jobs and education.


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We Must Value the Human

When direct-dial calling took over the switchboard in the 1950s, nearly a quarter of a million telephone operators lost their jobs, many of them the so-called “hello girls.” More recently, grocery stores and fast-food restaurants have reduced staff with self-checkout kiosks. Today, college-educated professionals in many industries fear that artificial intelligence will replace them.

AI will change the future of work, but not necessarily for the worse. Seemingly stable, permanent jobs may be in jeopardy, according to the World Economic Forum. The forum projects job losses of 85 million by 2025, but it also estimates that AI will create 97 million jobs. Their advice to worried workers? Start re-skilling.

Automated work will never replace human ingenuity, creativity or companionship. Positions that value these skills will become more essential with the rise of AI. Workers should view themselves as more than a conglomeration of technical skills. AI invites entrepreneurs and pioneers to continue to discover how the changing economy can best value uniquely human skills, and it may give a competitive advantage to those who cultivate the traits that lately we’ve perhaps taken for granted.

—Emily Marsh, Hillsdale College, economics and mathematics

The Future of Education

Artificial Intelligence is pushing pedagogy into a new era. While the first iteration of ChatGPT launched a few months ago, it has already had a startling impact on educators and students. Forty-three percent of college students report using AI, yet over half believe that doing so to complete assignments is cheating. Educators already have a hard time catching misconduct, and it will become nearly impossible in the next few years. There is no use in banning the technology from classrooms. Artificial intelligence is the future of education.

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