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AI makes life easier for the designers

  • AI helps designers by bringing them closer to the latest design trends while allowing them to focus on the bigger picture. AI does most of the heavy-lifting, freeing up large space in the designers’ heads, giving them more room for creativity.
  • Instead of a person spending hours combing through a mountain of data trying to come up with ways to improve on it, AI can understand those problems and nudge designers in the right direction.
  • The power of AI lies in the speed and optimization at which it can analyze vast amounts of data and suggest design adjustments which a designer can then cherry-pick.
  • And since AI doesn’t get tired or need coffee breaks, designers don’t need to spend valuable time babysitting their program looking over its shoulder for mistakes.
  • All in all, having AI tools at hand boosts engagement, leads to more conversions, and provides an overall meaningful experience.

What are some of the most interesting AI-powered design tools to help designers?

1. Khroma:

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