Algorithmically generated truth

Model-based marketing is a unique marketing approach, pioneered by Sighteer. Model-based marketing begins with modeling thousands of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) based on a sample of a few hand-picked ones. Next, Sighteer analyzes the information flow in any industry or around any brand based on the KOL model. Finally, Sighteer leverages the model and analysis to generate actionable recommendations, including algorithmically generated content.

During crisis and intense situations, like the Covid19 pandemic, model-based marketing can be shifted from its usually goals (building brand equity and establishing thought leadership) to help see the truth, removing fake news and noises. While not the typical use case of model-based marketing, it provides a valuable tool to better understand events in noisy environments.

Modeling Corona’s Key Opinion Leaders

Sighteer created a multi-dimensional model to help focus on real events around the Corona pandemic. Using its model-based marketing technology, Sighteer modeled and analyzed information flow among epidemiologists, pharmaceutical industry, economists, politicians from both sides of the aisle and local leaders.

The first step in creating a model is detecting the key opinion leaders. By providing just a few examples of relevant Key Opinion Leaders (e.g. reporters, executives, experts), Sighteer can extract and model thousands of connected and relevant Key Opinion Leaders. Sighteer also calculates an InfluenceRank to each key-opinion-leader, allowing it to decide how important this person is.

Analyzing the Information Flow

Analyzing millions of data points enables to extract real information from the model – who are the relevant Key Opinion Leaders, how are they connected, what topics are KOLs discussing, which web sites are of interest and more.

Sighteer enhances model data with machine learning to add higher level information and normalize all interactions to prioritize and rank each entity in the model.

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The result is a live, up to date, model of an ecosystem of experts on the topic. A living model allowing drill down to any entity to see connections, conversions and more.

Analyzing model data with AI and machine learning allows for extraction of the combined wisdom of experts. Looking at experts from different industries, each discussing Corona pandemic from a different angle, generates a holistic view of the situation. Sighteer enables learning from the combined wisdom of experts, while highlighting key news and trends and removing noise and fake news.

Algorithmically Generated Content

Model data and insights are algorithmically complied into auto generated timelines, trending articles lists, top tweets, quizzes and more types of relevant tailored content. Using a smart and friendly-user CMS – rapidly generate tailored, relevant content for your audiences – from top 10 lists to quizzes.  

Sighteer’s Corona News Model web site is automatically created and updated on a daily basis providing access to experts’ views on the topic.

Model Based Marketing

As a pioneer in Model Based Marketing, Sighteer enables smart use of data and information flow analysis. Sighteer’s customers leverage Model Based Marketing for various use cases such as:

  • Building brand equity in specific industries and geographies
  • Generating awareness from the top of the funnel
  • Corporate communication– tailored messaging based on KOLs’ interests
  • Executives’ thought leadership – position executives as Key Opinion Leader and build influence

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Copyright by Eran Reshef, Founder, Sighteer

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CognitiveVirtual by SwissCognitive
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6. May 2020


“Leveraging its unique Model Based Marketing and Algorithmic Content Generation technologies, typically used to build brand equity and establish thought leadership, Sighteer was able to model thousands of experts discussing Coronavirus, and algorithmically generate the truth out of the huge wave of fake news and noise about the global pandemic”

Eran Reshef

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6th May 2020, the online AI event attended by 942 people from 65 countries, generating global connections, knowledge transfer, and 1:1 meetings. Twelve global speakers brought around 250 years of combined knowledge and experience to our stage, expressing from different perspectives why Artificial Intelligence is much more than a tool or system that can help us to make our processes faster, more accurate and efficient. It was explored, that Artificial Intelligence is indeed a powerful a technology that can turn thousands of years worth of data into valuable information, and with that, find answers and solutions to urging global questions. It is man-made intelligence (based purely on human intelligence) that has the potential to transform our and our children’s lives for the better.