AI influencers continue to push the boundaries of what we think is possible, here is CBR’s list of those to watch out for in the coming years.

SwissCognitive LogoNew research from Axelos and PRINCE2, found that 60% of IT professionals believe that machine learning and AI will have a huge impact on project managers, and that 59% believe automation will replace many routine PM tasks, and this is just one job. But what about the people driving this industry? Who are the most influential people currently making a splash in the field of AI? Take a look at CBR’s list of the top 10 AI influencers that you should be looking out for.

1. Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun is currently serving as the first Director of Facebook AI Research (FAIR), a position which he has held since 2013. The group is dedicated to bringing about major advances in the field of AI. LeCun is perhaps most famous for his work in computer vision which allows machines to learn from digital images, and optical character recognition which is the process of machines being able to read printed language.

2. Demis Hassabis

Demis Hassabis is the CEO and founder of Google Deepmind, Google’s world leading AI research lab, which primarily attempts to push the boundaries of AI and what machines are capable of using learning algorithms. Hassabis started his career as one of the world’s leading AI influencers early on. After graduating from Cambridge, he joined renowned game designer Peter Moleyneux’s studio Lionhead Studios where he worked on the iconic deity simulator Black & White as the lead AI programmer.

3. Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin is the CEO and founder of Broad Listening, a renowned entrepreneur, and a much beloved internet personality. Austin is known for her work with artificial emotional intelligence agents and has appeared on television shows such as Startups: Silicon Valley. Austin’s psychographic modelling via cognitive computing has received such high praise as being more advanced than IBM’s Watson’s personality insights API and Cortana when understanding language and semantics.

4. Martin Ford

Martin Ford is a world renowned futurist and author of both Rise of the ‘Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future’ (2015), and ‘The Lights In the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future’ (2009). The former was a New York Times bestseller, and both dealt with issues regarding the potential effects of artificially intelligent and automated workforces. One of the main things that Makes Ford one of the AI influencers is that he accurately predicted that artificial intelligence would become a focal point in the future.

5. Oliver Christie

Oliver Christie is an Artificial Intelligence consultant with Foxy Machine, a boutique agency which helps to manage digital problems for smaller businesses. Christie is also the Co-Founder and CEO of XLABS which uses a powerful neural network to develop custom built algorithms. Between 2015 and 2016 Christie was the Director of Artificial Intelligence at Centsai, where he oversaw the implementation of complex machine learning into a financial education platform.

6. Mike Gualtieri

Mike Gualtieri is VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Covering Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, and has been since 2007. During this time Gualtieri has provided the world’s leading enterprises and vendors with insights in the field of artificial intelligence, making him one of the true AI influencers. Gualtieri’s role is primarily to help guide others, both in and outside of the field, on the coming changes that artificial intelligence will bring to the business world and what it means for the future.

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7. Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is one of the world’s leading AI influencers and the former chief scientist of Chinese web services company, Baidu, where he led the artificial intelligence group until March of 2017. In 2011, Ng was one of the founding members of Google Brain which developed large scale neural networks for machine learning. One of the largest breakthroughs made at Google Brain under Ng was a neural network, operating on 16,000 CPU cores, capable of recognising things such as a cat from watching a YouTube video, without any previous knowledge of what a cat was.

8. Nova Spivack

Nova Spivack is the CEO and Founder of LA based startup, Bottlenose. Bottlenose uses natural language processing and sentiment analysis to determine trends that may affect brands. The service is frequently used by Fortune 500 companies and processes over 72 billion messages a day. Spivack attended MIT whilst he was still in high school and fully graduated in 1991, he then continued his academia at the International Space University (ISU) in 1992.

9. Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford is a Principal Researchers at Microsoft Research, a Visiting Professor of MIT, and has well and truly earned a place among the leading AI influencers. Crawford predominantly focuses on the far reaching consequences that artificial intelligence and robotics could potentially have on the world at large.

10. Fei-Fei Li

Fei-Fei Li is Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and the director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL). SAIL has long been a hub of AI influencers and has made many advances in the fields of both speech recognition and robotics since its inception in 1963. Since January 2017, Li has also been the chief scientist of Google Cloud which seeks to democratise AI and ensure that both businesses and individuals can benefit from the advances made.