How Artificial Intelligence enhances education

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In the past years, a collection of hardware, software, and online service have managed to bring changes and reforms to classrooms and teaching methods. But the true disruption of education is yet to arrive.

Artificial Intelligence has proven its role as a game-changing factor in an increasing number of fields, causing transformations unimaginable in the past. It’s now showing glimmers of how it might forever change the learning process, one of the oldest skills that mankind has mastered.

Here’s how AI and its derivatives are gradually finding their way into the classroom, and beyond. Complementing in-class teaching

Traditionally, schools adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. But students learn at different paces and have different progress rates. Meanwhile, teachers often find it hard to identify and deal with the educational needs of students attending their classes.

This is a problem that Artificial Intelligence is solving. Machine Learning algorithms, programs that glean patterns from data and provide insights and suggestions, help teachers to find gaps in their teachings and point to where students are struggling with a subject matter.

SwissCognitive LogoThird Space Learning, an online math tutoring platform that debuted five years ago, is exploring the concept. Capitalizing on the huge store of student-teacher interaction data it has collected from millions of lessons. Third Space has launched an AI project that aims to find positive teaching and learning patterns.

The company’s goal is to create a platform that gives real-time feedback and helps online tutors become better at teaching. For instance, the system will detect if a student’s reaction to a concept follows a pattern of misunderstanding. By giving early warning to teachers, the platform can help prevent problems further down the road.

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