SwissCognitiveI like to live smarter with EPFL Techology – Internet of Things [ IoT ]

EPFL scientists are developing a new concept of a smart building that adjusts to your lifestyle, by allowing you to control your preferences. An important component, called the IoT, involves monitoring your overall energy consumption by networking together all of your devices. Do you forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room? Have you ever forgotten to turn off your stove… or worried that you hadn’t? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to think about it—and still be environmentally friendly? How would you like to live in a building that adjusts to your lifestyle?

If you are aiming for the 2000 watt society, or simply trying to prevent a fire from starting, then you may be interested in the way EPFL scientists are using the Internet of Things, i.e. connecting appliances together and monitoring their overall to make every day life a little bit smarter.

The IoT is a network of that can be controlled together for optimal energy consumption. Those connected objects, which can be anything from your usual appliances to the heating system, are augmented with sensors and electronics that relay information about how you and your building consume energy. The concept of IoT is a few years old already, so what’s new?

Maher Kayal and his team at EPFL are using the IoT to redefine the idea of the smart building by putting the user’s comfort at the core of the system. You, the user, can control your own comfort – temperature, humidity and lighting – in careful balance with how much energy you consume and how much is available from the power grid. Their results are now published in the Krakow Conference Proceedings from the “International Conference on Control, Communication and Signal Processing EBCCSP“.