Don’t stand still – run also in 2017 for innovation and new technology – it will change everything

As we close out 2016 and look at the key 2017 technology trends, some themes have emerged. One is intelligent systems, powered by AI [artificial intelligence]. Another is predictive analytics, or the ability to predict future behavior based on current trends, as well as voice as the new critical form factor.

1. Predictive analytics Link

According to Scott Robinson, SharePoint and BI expert, while we will have tools emerging in 2017 technology trends, there could still be a lack of understanding of the data required to be successful. Robinson said that the problem is that we don’t understand how to contextualize the findings, and this has led to false understandings of data trends, as was the case in the 2016 presidential election; predictive analytics didn’t accurately see the strength of the Trump campaign in certain areas.

“The math has been around since Isaac Newton,” Robinson said. “But we failed to paint the context of what was going on voter-wise with what we were seeing. We’ve got the tools. But we don’t have the know-how to use them as wisely as we ultimately will.”

AI - Predictive Analytics and Voice keep us running in #2017

2. AI [Artificial intelligence] Link

Robinson said that AI is making a pretty solid debut among 2017 technology trends as a means of decision support and not decision-making. To that end, AI software isn’t about supplanting human beings, human decision-making or human work, but a way to supplement machines.

3. Voice as the new form factor Link

As other industry watchers have noted, voice is becoming a critical new form factor for communicating and gathering data. Technologies like Alexa and Siri give users a natural way to communicate, and this voice-based data is also providing companies with valuable data related to consumer behavior, preferences and possible future purchases. […]