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Are these the new stars in 2017? #AI, #IoT, #Chatbox & Co

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While 2016 saw plenty of shiny new tech on the shelves, it wasn’t much of a year for significant breakthroughs. Even the latest iPhone 7 drew groans of boredom. Will things get any better in 2017? Expect the big buzzwords of 2016 – the Internet of Things, , , artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence knows many different definitions, but in general it can be defined as a machine completing complex tasks intelligently, meaning that it mirrors human intelligence and evolves with time., chatbotsChatbots are computer programs which were engineered to converse in spoken or written form with humans. They are usually used in dialogue systems with a limited topic range. For example, they can answer basic customer questions or help you buy the correct train ticket., virtual realityVirtual Reality is an array of technologies in combination with head gear that lets the user submerge himself into different worlds. The algorithms build virtual landscapes which the user can explore by moving around or turning his/her head.  and augmented realityAugmented Reality is a technology through which users can experience their surroundings with added visual effects. For example, one can see a restaurants ratings while walking by, or one gets information about special buildings on a sight seeing tour. Users wear a gadget of some sort, but are still aware of their surroundings.   – to be less about theory and more about real world products embedding themselves in society.

However, with post-Brexit, post-Trump isolationism a possibility and threats to free markets, free movement and data privacy on the horizon, 2017 could see tech battle with the prospect of an un-connected world.

1. Rise of
2. Hello chatbots
3. Global isolationism
4. Growth of VPNs
5. to blossom
6. Rise of OLED tech
7. More investment in
8. An OS for the IoT
9. More cyber-attacks
10. , and will spread

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    Are these the new stars in 2017? #AI, #IoT, #Chatbox & Co

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    Are these the new stars in 2017? #AI, #IoT, #Chatbox & Co

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