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Whether you chose to exchange with your AI peers globally on our interactive event platforms, become a Global AI Ambassador, Blogger or Volunteer, our common goals will remain the same – to exchange, learn and grow together in the global AI ecosystem across industries, create opportunities in possibilities, and unlock the potentials of AI for business and society.

Global AI Community Exchange

Through AI Community Partnerships, we touch and move every aspect of the global AI ecosystem from micro to macro levels. This is including teams, boards, organizations, industries, and societies. By joining forces, our strategic partners have the opportunity to advance internally and accelerate externally. Find out more under "Our Services".

Global AI Ambassador

By becoming a Global AI Ambassador, you become part of a worldwide group with interdisciplinary expertise experts that advocates for the potentials and benefits of AI while also transparently addressing challenges. You raise awareness and make a positive impact in your and our global network. You become an active part of the digital transformation driven by AI advancing the world forward.

Guest Blogger

By becoming a Guest Blogger you get spotlight in our world of AI and reach a global audience of over ½ million AI enthusiasts. You spread knowledge, awareness and inspiration about the current state and future potentials of cognitive technologies, and make yourself an active part of the transformation into the AI era. No sales, just content.


Join our team as a volunteer to make the global AI world to spin around! Get awesome, hands-on experience in a global-reaching team, get broad insights into all aspects of AI, and get connected to great minds throughout the AI ecosystem.

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We deeply believe that we all need to work together in order to unlock the potentials of AI for the benefit of business and society. Therefore, Why Wait? Write us an email today and let us know how YOU would like to become an active part of this future-driven global AI community!