The interview was conducted by Andreas Jäggi, Managing Director of Perikom, with Dalith Steiger-Gablinger in Zurich in March 2024.


Credit: This interview by Andreas Jäggi with Dalith Steiger-Gablinger has been published in German as 80 Prozent der Menschen wollen durch künstliche Intelligenz (KI) effizienter werden– “80% Of People Want To Become More Efficient Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)”


SwissCognitive_Logo_RGBDalith Steiger-Gablinger is co-founder of the award-winning AI start-up SwissCognitive. With her extensive international experience in AI strategy consulting, Dalith will deliver the keynote at the Swiss Conference for HR/Internal Communication – Fit for the Future: AI in HR and Internal Communication – Perikom

What does SwissCognitive actually do?

We identify promising start-ups in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) around the world in order to bring them together with investors. We advise start-ups on their development and strategy and open doors to strategic partners and customers in line with our motto. “We unleash the potential of AI in business.”

How do you rate the Swiss AI start-up scene?

We are well positioned and have many great spin-offs from ETH/EPFL, the universities, and other higher education institutions. Unfortunately, venture capital is more difficult to find here than in the USA, for example. I would like to see us develop a culture that prefers to invest rather than inherit because we help the next generation the most with innovation in our country.

How do you define AI?

For me, artificial intelligence is an inappropriate term. After all, we’re not talking about artificial birds when we talk about airplanes. Artificial intelligence conjures up the idea that AI is supposed to copy the intelligence of humans. And that’s scary. What we mean by AI is intelligent systems that use data and algorithms to find solutions that we humans would never have thought of, for example. Or systems that can carry out work processes more effectively and accurately.

What can’t AI do?

Enjoying human time. And what it should not do are things that only humans are entitled to do. Falling in love or getting married, for example. What I’m trying to say is that not everything that is possible is necessary.

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Where is AI already being used in business?

For example, it has been very successful in the medical and healthcare sector. In image recognition, AI is used to detect malignant cell growth at an early stage. There are also various applications in increasing productivity, such as in the supply chain and logistics, which also have a positive effect on CO2 reduction. When using AI, I recommend asking yourself whether a process should simply be improved or whether even new business models are needed.

And what about the acceptance of AI?

Studies show that over 80 percent of people want help from AI systems to work more efficiently and use it to further their careers. For me, this figure reflects a high level of acceptance for the use of AI. Employers run the risk of losing their employees to the competition if they do not keep up with this development.

Where is AI being used in HR?

A lot is already being done in the recruiting process. And when used well, AI can help us to make our unconscious biases visible when making personnel decisions and help us to have more diverse, creative, motivated and efficient employees. Much more will be possible in the future. It is worth to mention the possibility of recognizing employees who are on the verge of resigning at an early stage and finding solutions with them on how they can continue to contribute their potential to the company.

And where do you see the potential in communication?

I also see great and fascinating opportunities here. For example, I can articulate ideas well, but I am only able to translate them into an emotional, convincing visual world with the support of AI. Or people who, for various reasons – including a disability – have struggled with verbal expression are given new access with the help of AI. Also, at the level of research, analysis, summaries and translation, we are already seeing immense efficiency gains through artificial intelligence (AI).

Perikom’s question is: How do you use artificial intelligence in communications or HR in your company?

Event information:

Swiss Conference for HR/Internal Communication Fit for the Future – AI in HR and Internal Communication

May 16, 2024, 13:00, at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich

Where is AI succeeding in delivering on the promise of more efficient? Where are AI tools already in use and bringing relief to work in HR and internal communication?


  • “What opportunities does AI offer for our day-to-day work?” Dalith Steiger-Gablinger, SwissCognitive
  • “Deep fakes, AI and the credibility of the media”. Mathias Heller, Netzwerk Faktencheck, and Florian Notter, Product Manager AI, both SRF

Break-out sessions

  • “Using AI with your own digital assistants: how it works.” Pascal Rosenberger, eggheads
  • “Artificial intelligence in recruitment”. Fabio Blasi, Head of AaraNetos Cantonal Hospital
  • “Application of AI for the entire value chain of internal communication.” Daniel Jörg, Farner Consulting
  • “Opportunities through AI for personnel management.” Ambros Scope, Zurich Insurance

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