From HP Enterprise’s notable spike due to AI server sales to Abu Dhabi’s sovereign fund betting big on AI and space tech, this edition of SwissCognitive AI Investment Radar delves into how funds are driving AI innovations across various sectors.


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Welcome back to our SwissCognitive AI Investment Radar, your premier insight into the universe of AI funds.

From HP’s spike in the stock market fueled by AI server sales to Microsoft UAE’s significant AI investments reshaping the landscape of the Middle East, we’re tracking the pulse of AI across sectors. The fund in AI doesn’t stop at technology giants; it spans diverse fields including healthcare, banking, advertising, and even space tech, underscoring the versatile impact of AI innovations.

This week, we debunk myths surrounding AI in trading, highlighting its potent yet misunderstood capabilities. Simultaneously, we shine a light on startups like Signal and RetinaLogik, who with fresh funding are aim to revolutionize investor decision-making and healthcare respectively.

As the AI domain buzzes with activity—from the large ad/media companies exploring GenAI, through analysts’ shifting focus towards tech giants making AI-centric strides, to sovereign funds like Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala committing to AI and space tech investments—we ponder the strategic considerations companies must weigh before diving deeper into AI.

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Join us through of the latest investments news in the AI landscape, providing a clear lens into the potential that lies ahead.

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