AI is here and will continue to be developed and implemented into businesses globally. So what does this mean for senior executives? It requires a new kind of leader that will guide this evolution to help businesses gain a competitive advantage.


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SwissCognitive_Logo_RGBFebruary 13, 2024 – Artificial intelligence will continue to be developed and implemented in the business world. However you may feel about this, you and your organization will need to prepare for the changes it brings, according to a recent report from Brainworks. The firm explains that your organization must be innovation-ready, and that is fostered through leadership.

A recent article from Keen Alignment points out that AI is already involved in many businesses to at least some degree. It is crunching numbers or performing mundane tasks that would take a human (or even multiple humans) much longer to complete. However, as AI continues to grow and develop, its role in the workplace will become more and more prevalent.

As artificial intelligence infiltrates the world of business, we may witness a large change in the way the workplace functions. A study by Microsoft found that 70 percent of workers would want AI to perform many of their tasks in order to decrease their workload. AI may become responsible for many of the things we find tedious or overwhelming in the workplace.

According to David De Cremer and Garry Kasparov in their article in the Harvard Business ReviewAI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It, the collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence will be the most productive model for business. They suggest that AI possesses one form of intelligence that is best put to work in a “closed management system” where the work is constantly unchanging and repetitive. Humans, on the other hand, possess the ability to imagine and anticipate future changes and deal with external factors that may alter their work. In their opinion, these two forms of intelligence working together would optimize the workplace.[…]

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