It has been a busy year for the IT sector, building out AI-based software and hardware acceleration to meet customer requirements


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Arguably the biggest thing to happen in artificial intelligence (AI) this year has been the hype surrounding generative AI (GenAI) models such as ChatGPT. This has pushed AI to the forefront of business conversations and the tech sector has been quick to capitalise on the opportunity. Hardware providers and software firms have all been busy building AI capabilities into their product families.

On the hardware side, this has meant more focus on AI acceleration hardware, where graphics processing units are added to servers to power machine learning and AI inference workloads. Such capabilities are needed for those organisations who want to run AI software in private clouds or on-premise rather than use the GPUs available as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in the public cloud.

From an IT strategy perspective, among the first areas CIOs have been urged to look at is how Artificial Intelligence can be deployed to automate and make IT operations more efficient.

According to analyst Gartner, generative AI will enable the democratisation of knowledge and skills by enabling the use of conversation and natural language. A Gartner poll of 1,400 executive leaders in September 2023 found that 55% of organisations are in piloting or production mode with GenAI. Jeffrey Hewitt, vice-president analyst at Gartner, said: “Generative AI products are democratising due to the confluence of cloud and open source.”

Tools such as ChatGPT have also been shown to produce and check code. Use of generative AI in software development and IT operations is likely to accelerate in 2024 as IT departments battle to keep on top of the backlog of work they are being asked to do.[…]

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