The future internet is on the horizon, promising unprecedented engagement and innovation. Yet, as we incorporate immersive tech, decentralized systems, and generative AI, we also invite new complexities.


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Addressing Safety, Privacy, And AI Authenticity Concerns

Immersive experiences like VR and AR present significant safety and privacy issues. Companies could potentially harvest vast amounts of user data, from biometric details to behavioral patterns. Moreover, generative AI, which can produce content ranging from art to articles, poses the risk of spreading misinformation, fake news, or even creating synthetic identities. Distinguishing between AI-generated and human-created content will become crucial for maintaining trust and authenticity online.

Moreover, the advent of digital avatars heightens the risk of identity theft. Ensuring our children’s safety becomes even more challenging as their virtual experiences become visually inaccessible to us.

Regulation Is Still Catching Up

We need policy, governance, and rules for the new world of the future internet, so we can all enjoy a safe and pleasant experience online. Unfortunately, technology is advancing far faster than our regulatory policies.

There are a lot of legal gray areas that still need to be ironed out. For instance, what kinds of behavior are considered acceptable and not acceptable in virtual environments? What happens if someone commits an offense online that would normally be considered a prosecutable crime in the real world? Complaints of assault and sexual harassment are already being reported in virtual environments like Meta’s Horizon Worlds.[…]

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