Welcome back to our AI investments showcase: the SwissCognitive AI Radar. Here, we stitch together the latest investment narratives that shape AI’s thriving realm.


A Panorama of Global AI Investments – SwissCognitive AI Radar


Picture Immensa, reimagining the energy playbooks of the MENA region, as its AI software DIS-RT orchestrates a greener, more efficient symphony of supply chains. Venture south to the vast landscapes of Africa, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation casts its influential spotlight, beckoning AI to address some of humanity’s most pressing conundrums.

Then, let’s read about at a young prodigy, Pranjali Awasthi, who, at just 16, is already scripting her story, transforming the digital fabric with her startup, Delv.AI. As if echoing the dynamism of youth, we can read about the commitment of FluidAI Medical, rallying resources to gift the world an AI sentinel, safeguarding the vulnerable hours after surgery.

But of course it is not all sunshine and roses. Even in the realm of AI, there can be twists and turns. Investment patterns could shift, priorities realign, and strategic pivots become the order of the day. Through it all, whether it’s the luminous aspirations of Lambda Labs or the melodic promise of AI-powered music avenues in the UK, the narrative remains enchanting and multifaceted.

It’s a vast stage, this world of AI, with its actors, narratives, triumphs, and challenges. From the undeniable potential of generative AI, captivating the attention of global CEOs, to the pressing call for gender equality in the tech corridors of the UK, each storyline invites reflection.

Join us as we chart the course of AI’s evolving story, witnessing its leaps, bounds, and transformative touches, lighting up corporate arenas and societal landscapes alike.

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