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“20 AI Industry Expert Insights On Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential”
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Yesterday (05.09.2023), our groundbreaking virtual conference – “Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential” – welcomed AI aficionados, leaders, and pioneers from all corners of the globe. Inspired by AI transcending its traditional roles, the conference examined the unfolding narrative of generative AI. Our speakers shed light on the revolution currently transforming industries and shifting paradigms.

The three-hour conference was facilitated by SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network, and propelled by its Co-Founders, the Swiss AI Power Couple, Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze.

This short wrap-up provides a concise overview of the event’s highlights, presenting the powerful synthesis of creativity, AI, and business impact. Revisit the expert perspectives, innovative solutions, and the resounding call for a future where AI not only complements but elevates human potential.

“It is the human being who brings technology to the next level, and conversely, it is technology that brings humankind to its next level.”
Dalith Steiger

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We stand at the cusp of a new era where the future of AI is not just intelligent but generative. From the bustling tech hubs in the Netherlands to the markets of Europe, businesses are already harnessing the power of generative AI. But the key to unlocking its full potential lies in having a well-defined roadmap rooted in responsible AI guiding principles.

Igor van Gemert

“Navigating the Transformative Journey” Keynote Igor van Gemert, ITsPeople, ResilientShield

“Regulation has to be careful and balanced. Do not overregulate, as that could end the innovation era in which we are right now. It is a fantastic time to be alive and use those Generative AI technologies.”
Igor van Gemert

Generative AI is not just a trend; it’s a revolution that’s reshaping operations across industries. The urgency of adopting AI isn’t merely about staying ahead; it’s about staying in the game, as competitors leap forward and the cost of inaction grows. From the factory floors to the C-suite, generative AI is streamlining operations and transforming business models, demanding that we re-evaluate and adapt our strategies for a rapidly evolving landscape.


Panel Discussion: “Operations Redefined by Generative AI” with Monique Morrow, Hedera, Innosuisse | Jeff Winter, Hitachi Solutions America | Jarrod Anderson, ADM | Simon See, NVIDIA | George Boretos, FutureUP, Cube RM

“Whether you like it or not, as a professional, Generative AI will be integrated into nearly everything you do on a daily basis. The question is: Are you going to take advantage of it?”
Jeff Winter

The frontiers of AI, innovation, and impact are converging, not just to create wealth but to solve urgent challenges like climate change and sustainability. In this new paradigm, financial returns and positive impact are not mutually exclusive; they intersect, offering unprecedented opportunities for investors.

Robert Marcus

“Shaping the Future: AI, Innovation, Impact, and Wealth Creation” Use Case with Robert Marcus, ALPHA10X

We stand at a unique crossroads: We must strike a balance between caution and innovation in sectors like healthcare, always keeping a vigilant eye on metrics and effectiveness. While we navigate regulatory hurdles that are playing catch-up, the key to unlocking AI’s full potential lies in asking the right questions, spotting the wrong answers, and building upon proprietary data.


Panel Discussion: “Innovative Strategies Fuelled by Generative AI” with Yoav Evenstein | Valeria Sadovykh, Microsoft | Camila Manera, LIBRODEPASES | Harvey Castro, “ChatGPT and Healthcare”, PONS | Arek Skuza, Volta Venture

“The problem with our AI regulations is that they can’t catch up quickly enough with the technology’s development. By the time they’re issued, they’re already irrelevant.”
Valeria Sadovykh

Using AI, we can not only stay ahead in predicting technological shifts across sectors but also master the art of timing these changes to drive unparalleled innovation in our businesses.

Lars Tvede

“From Efficiency to Inspiration” Use Case with Lars Tvede, Supertrends Radio

Generative AI is already transforming our workforce, how we interact, perform, and achieve today. It refines video performances, elevates our writing and speech, and liberates humans to focus on what we excel at—all while grounding us in the timeless principle that the core of any successful venture is fulfilling a true human need.


Panel Discussion: “The Potential of Workforce Redefined by Generative AI” with Carolina Pinart, Nestlé | Evelina Anttila, Wellstreet, Justic | Esha Joshi, Yoodli | Asaf Yanai, Alison.ai

In a world where the boundaries of artificial intelligence are being redrawn week by week, Behshad reminds us that the journey isn’t just about the technology but how we integrate it meaningfully into our lives. While the bar of entry for creating AI applications has dramatically lowered, the goal remains to empower humans, not to replace them, offering us a future that’s flexible, adaptable, and deeply attuned to the intricacies of different industries. As we forge ahead, it’s crucial to remember that learning to work harmoniously with AI—navigating its limitations and maximizing its potential—is not just an engineering challenge but a transformative opportunity for society as a whole.

Behshad Behzadi

“Redefining the Boundaries of Possibilities with AI” Interview with Behshad Behzadi, Google

“The work with AI presents an opportunity to empower humans to be able to do more, not replace them. It can elevate us to superhuman levels while preserving human connections.”
Behshad Behzadi

As the echoes from our ‘Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential’ conference still reverberate, we’re deeply grateful for the invaluable engagement of our esteemed audience. In the coming weeks, we will release detailed articles that further unpack the insights shared during the conference.

Also, a dedicated Q&A section will capture and address the many thought-provoking questions posed during the live broadcast. Stay connected as we continue to shed light on the transformative power of AI, enriched by the contributions of our incredible audience.

If you missed our “Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential” virtual conference, here you can find the video recording:

For the conference details, agenda, speaker line-up, and handouts CLICK HERE.