Generative AI is redefining the creative landscape, unlocking unprecedented opportunities in business and beyond.


Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze, Co-Founders of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network – Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential Virtual Conference


SwissCognitive LogoIn the rapidly evolving tech-sphere, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from the realm of sci-fi speculations to tangible, impactful innovations. Its adoption has transformed industries, from healthcare and finance to entertainment and beyond. However, the marriage of AI with human creativity heralds an era where technology amplifies, rather than replaces, human potential. This union promises narratives where AI-driven insights blend seamlessly with human intent to craft compelling narratives.

Redefining Creativity with AI

Historically, creativity has been a uniquely human trait, untouched by machines. Yet, as AI systems become more sophisticated, they’ve begun to demonstrate ‘creative’ capacities, be it in music composition, visual art creation, or even literary works. While skeptics might argue about the authenticity of AI’s ‘creative genius’, there’s no denying its capability to enhance, optimize, and diversify human-driven creations.

The Age of Generative AI

A significant breakthrough in the creative AI domain is Generative AI. Unlike traditional AI models that interpret and analyze data, Generative AI can generate new content, be it text, images, music, or even complex design blueprints. The possibilities are staggering. Imagine customized content for every individual user, ultra-personalized marketing campaigns, or innovative product designs crafted in a fraction of traditional timelines.

Business Opportunities Aplenty

For businesses, the synthesis of AI and creativity isn’t just about aesthetics or content creation. Generative AI opens doors to:

Efficiency: Automation of design processes, reducing time-to-market for products.
Personalization: Tailoring experiences to individual preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction.
Innovation: Tapping into patterns and possibilities that may be overlooked by human designers.
Cost-Reduction: Minimizing resource-intensive stages of the creative process.
Moreover, Generative AI’s applications extend to operations, strategy formulation, and even workforce management, reshaping roles, enhancing productivity, and fostering innovative collaborations.

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Spotlight on Luminaries

Understanding this intricate dance between AI and creativity requires insights from pioneers straddling these domains. Our upcoming “Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential” virtual conference, hosted on September 5th, promises such a deep dive.

The event will feature esteemed experts:

  • Igor van Gemert
    Navigate the AI landscape with the Founder of ResilientShield, leading the way in CyberSecurity and AI at ITsPeople.
  • Monique Morrow
    The dynamic Special Coach at Innosuisse takes charge of moderating a discussion on Generative AI in operations. With:

    • Jeff Winter: Offering perspectives from his role as the Senior Director of Industry Strategy at Hitachi Solutions.
    • Jarrod Anderson: Bridging AI and digital innovation as the Senior Director at ADM.
    • Simon See: From NVIDIA, showcasing the potential of AI tech centers globally.
    • George Boretos: Founder of FutureUP, championing the future of AI operations.
  • Lars Tvede
    Tune into insights from the award-winning serial entrepreneur who has founded 13 companies in telecommunications, software development, property, media, and finance.
  • Yoav Evenstein
    Connecting AI’s research, production, standards, and regulations, he steers a talk on strategies propelled by Generative AI. Panel discussion with:

    • Valeria Sadovykh: Delving into responsible AI strategies from Microsoft.
    • Camila Manera: Reflecting on data and product advancements from LIBRODEPASES.
    • Harvey Castro: Author and medical advisor discussing the interplay of AI, like ChatGPT, in healthcare.
    • Arek Skuza: Spotlighting AI and data strategies from Volta Venture.
  • Robert Marcus
    The founder of ALPHA10X discusses AI’s role in wealth creation, innovation, and impactful change.
  • Carolina Pinart
    The tech leader from Nestlé, leading a session on the workforce’s evolution with Generative AI. Panelists:

    • Evelina Anttila: From Wellstreet, discussing AI’s impact on venture capital.
    • Esha Joshi: Yoodli’s co-founder sharing insights on AI startups.
    • Arjun Narayan: Navigating trust and safety in AI from SmartNews.
    • Asaf Yanai: CEO of, spotlighting AI-driven communication tools.
  • Behshad Behzadi
    From Google’s engineering forefront, exploring AI’s vast horizons.

Detailed agenda here.

Each speaker and panelist brings to the table a rich tapestry of experiences, insights, and foresights about the AI-driven future.


As the boundaries of AI and human creativity continue to blur, businesses and individuals must adapt, learn, and grow. The “Beyond Efficiency: AI’s Creative Potential” event is not just another tech conference; it’s a beacon, illuminating the path for all forward-thinking entities. The fusion of AI and human creativity is here, and it’s reshaping our world in unprecedented ways.

Be part of this transformative dialogue. Register here for the event and dive deep into the nexus of AI and creativity.