Buzzwords in the tech industry often lead to confusion, and this Forbes article brings together 15 experts to clarify some of the most misunderstood terms.


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In their reading and networking, non-tech leaders may latch on to a frequently discussed tech “buzzword” or concept and believe their organization needs to “add it” or “do something with it”—even when they don’t really know what “it” is. Whether they overestimate the current capabilities of an emerging technology or misinterpret the insider vocabulary of tech experts, non-tech leaders who insist on adding a new tech tool or process just because “everybody’s talking about it” not only frustrate their tech-focused colleagues, but can also add unneeded complications and costs to their processes.

The best first step for leaders who are intrigued by a new technology or process is to talk to the tech pros on their team to gain some clarification. It also helps to find educational resources that can explain tech concepts in simple, layperson-friendly terms. Below, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share some common tech buzzwords that are overused and frequently misunderstood by those who aren’t tech-savvy and what the reality behind these terms is.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Genuine artificial intelligence is rare; most solutions are powered by advanced machine learning. Non-tech leaders are often fooled by the difference, believing logic-based architectures provide the same services as algorithmic AI. However, rules-based tools cannot adapt to novel failures. True AI learns and grows with its organization, proactively addressing errors before they manifest. – Phil Tee, Moogsoft

2. Big Data

One tech buzzword I believe too many companies latch onto is “big data.” In its simplest form, big data represents large quantities of processable information. The thing is, many small to medium-sized startups won’t see much value from investing in tools that process big data, because they simply don’t have enough data points to warrant the financial cost or time. – Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is often seen as a solution for various business challenges, but the reality is that blockchain is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a distributed ledger technology. It provides transparency, security and immutability, but it is most suitable for scenarios involving trust, decentralized systems and multi-party transactions. – Dr. Vivek Bhandari, Powerledger

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4. CubeSat

“CubeSat” refers to a small satellite, often associated with cost-effective space missions. Some leaders think it’s an easy solution for their organization without understanding the complexities. Building and launching CubeSats requires expertise, rigorous testing and adherence to regulations. – Shelli Brunswick, Space Foundation[…]

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