It’s been less than 18 months since VentureBeat published their last MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data) landscape, and there have been dramatic developments in that time.


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Then, the data world was booming in the wake of the gigantic Snowflake IPO with a whole ecosystem of startups organizing around it.  Since then, of course, public markets crashed, a recessionary economy appeared and VC funding dried up. A whole generation of data/AI startups has had to adapt to a new reality.

Meanwhile, the last few months have seen the unmistakable and exponential acceleration of generative AI, with arguably the formation of a new mini-bubble. Beyond technological progress, AI seems to have gone mainstream with a broad group of non-technical people around the world now getting to experience its power firsthand.

The rise of data, ML and AI has been one of the most fundamental trends in our generation. Its importance goes well beyond the purely technical, with a deep impact on society, politics, geopolitics and ethics. Yet it is a complicated, technical, rapidly evolving world that can be confusing even for practitioners in the space. There’s a jungle of acronyms, technologies, products and companies out there that’s hard to keep a track of, let alone master.

The annual data ML and AI landscape is an attempt at making sense of this vibrant space.  Its general philosophy has been to open source work that we would do anyway and start a conversation with the community.[…]

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