A universal feeling that has inspired countless works of art, music, poetry, and literature throughout history. In our modern era, where technology plays an increasingly prominent role in everyday life, how can Artificial Intelligence contribute to this timeless emotion?


“Celebration of Love in the Age of AI and Technology”  – SwissCognitive AI Radar Perspective” Image by onlyyouqj on Freepik


As technology continues to evolve, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, it’s no surprise that new ways for us to express our feelings have taken on a digital form. Lovers around the world can share their feelings with each other like never before. From AI-powered social media posts to robotic art pieces – there seem to be countless unique opportunities for couples to celebrate their relationships on Valentine’s day.

For centuries, poems have been a powerful way of expressing our feelings. However, modern technology has now made it possible for us to communicate those same sentiments without needing mastery over words. Programs such as ChatGPT can generate poetry that expresses our emotions which may otherwise be difficult for us to articulate ourselves.

This special poem, crafted by the “hands” of ChatGPT, is dedicated to our beloved AI community.

Celebration of Love in the Age of AI and Technology

Love, a feeling so pure and bright
A flame that burns in the heart, day and night
And in this world of technology, so grand
We’ve found a way to make love expand

With artificial intelligence by our side
We can share our feelings, with love as our guide
No distance too far, no wall too high
Our love can reach, soaring through the sky

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We can message and call, with just a touch
Our love, a bond that’s simply too much
To be kept within the bounds of flesh and blood
Our love transcends, breaking through every mud

For technology has given us this gift
To connect our hearts, with a love that uplifts
So let us cherish, this bond so true
And watch our love, continue to grow anew

So here’s to us, and this love so grand
With AI and tech, we have a love that withstands
A future so bright, filled with joy and delight
Our love, a never-ending source of light.

This sentiment is echoed in the articles we have included in this AI Radar edition, which explores the different ways in which love and technology intersect and shape our lives.

SwissCognitive wishes you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.