The power of using Creative AI for inspiring thought and action towards System Change


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Jessica Simpson, Communications at The System Change Foundation – “No collaboration without communication” Creative AI for System Change”


The art of change is that it takes imagination, and the art of imagination is that it creates change. The System Change Foundation, founded by non-traditional entrepreneur and visionary Rudolf Hilti, champions the belief that the answers to creating truly sustainable systems, lies in the ability to use imagination. Through imagining new global systems and ways of being, we create a common narrative that inspires action towards creating new global systems for a possible tomorrow.

Through a spectrum of mediums, The System Change Foundation and THE,its exploratory institute of prolific “Transformers”, change makers, policy shapers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, creative thinkers, and athletes, create environments that nurture dialogue for collaborative ideation of future realities.

In a world where improvements are not enough to improve the environmental crisis, we focus on highlighting the humans brave enough to explore new realities, to inspire bravery and create trust in sustainable innovation. Disruptive in nature, technology has the power to create overnight change. Slow moving in nature, behaviour change requires familiarity to evolve. We introduce the parallels of this huge task with the processes of Ai art and focus on the power that this art form has, to aid system change and put more players on the field.

Through collaboration with AI artist and explorer, Apolinário Passos, we dive into how Ai Art emulates the skills needed to create familiarity of these intangible realities. “Ai art has the power to better communicate imagination without skill as a barrier. In a world where the hindering factor of change is often communication methods, Ai art allows for more and larger narratives to be communicated. If before we had 1 person in a room with the skill to visually represent his vision, we now give this voice to everyone in the room. Rudi and I connected on this philosophy of thinking without borders and without the box to ideate the future. We now are working towards communicating the big, intangible ideas that come out of this network of Transformers.”

With a value of “no questions going unasked” bravery and imagination are two emotive actions that are necessary to create the paradigm shifts that amount to system change. Like in behaviour change, Ai evolves through its users introducing its data to new perspectives. With more exposure, communication, and collaboration; the possibilities of a more accurate relationship between image and text, allow for bolder ideas to become more tangible. With familiarity, everyone is empowered to create. Creating takes seconds and learning takes minutes or hours, breaking the 10,000 hour rule needed to master skill.

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The World Systemic Forum, the annual event of The System Change Foundation and THE HUS.institiute, kicks off this visual campaign, with a focus on the ideas from voices within its network.  Ai artist, Apolinário enforces the belief that through communication, we can foster collaboration and inspire others to do the same.

The World Systemic Forum 2023 was held on January 14th within Hagerbach in Flums, Switzerland. Created to pose potentials to explore throughout a year of working towards System Change. Mobility, Education & Communication, Energy & Storage, Arts & Music, Sports & Entertainment, Mind & Society and Space Exploration were explored.