Artificial intelligence (AI) can transform just about any business – from providing customers with products and services they really want to streamlining internal processes.


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The barriers to entry can seem intimidating, however, from investment in infrastructure to training and recruiting the skilled workforce needed to put everything together.

This is why the emergence of a new generation of no-code/low-code AI tools and platforms is so exciting. Today, if you know where to look, then just about anyone can dive in and start creating applications that leverage machine learning in innovative ways. From designing web services and customer-facing apps to coordinating sales and marketing campaigns, it’s easier than ever to get started with AI.

What is low-code/ no-code AI?

These terms are simply used to refer to tools that allow anyone to create AI applications without having to get their hands dirty writing technical code. AI can be useful to anyone in just about any job – from doctors and lawyers to marketers, teachers, and project managers. Many of these people will not have the technical skills needed to write code or the spare time to learn them.

No-code/ low-code solutions typically operate in one of two ways: Either via a drag-and-drop interface, where users simply choose the elements they want to include in their application and put them together using a visual interface, or through a wizard, where users answer questions and select options from drop-down menus.

If you already know how to code, it’s often possible to tweak and fine-tune the results in order to create applications that operate in a more specific way. So some basic knowledge of the structure and syntax of computer code is always helpful!

Here’s an overview of some of the tools on the market which aim to open up the AI revolution to everybody. Some of these are designed for people with no experience whatsoever, while some are most useful for people who already have a background in ML but want to reduce the tedious and routine element involved with preparing data and designing algorithms.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon has extensive experience building and deploying ML models into consumer-facing use cases, and SageMaker aims to let anyone take advantage of that expertise. It’s easy to leap straight in using SageMaker Jumpstart, which gives users a selection of templates for the most popular types of ML apps that businesses are likely to benefit from.


This service promises to let you start deploying AI in 10 minutes without any coding or data science skills. It enables the creation of AI-powered workflows with a focus on enabling them to be quickly deployed and assessed. It also boasts a strong suite of integrations, including industry-standard data platforms like Snowflake and marketing tools like Hubspot and Salesforce.[…]

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