We are more than happy to announce that our co-founder Andy Fitze has been selected as one of the Digital Shapers in 2022 in the category of “AI Masters.”


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Bilanz” has selected this year’s Digital Shapers in 10 categories. These 100 incredible minds are leading the way in the digitalisation of Switzerland.

Within the categories, “AI Masters” are the masterminds who are either revolutionising Artificial Intelligence itself or revolutionising the world with Artificial Intelligence.

Andy_Fitze_DigitalSHaper2What do you have to do to be one of the most important opinion leaders in the field of artificial intelligence? According to Andy Fitze, who belongs to this exclusive circle, research is a basic requirement. “I spend at least two hours a day reading up on current reports on AI.” Besides continuously being up to date with the current trends, Fitze is running a global business network of executives SwissCognitive, that he co-founded in 2016. This network acts as an international platform for all questions, developments, challenges and potentials wrapped around AI. Since 2016 it grew into a world-leading, cross-industry AI community that spreads over 100 countries. “We are like a dating app for companies and investors,” explains Fitze: “We spot synergies, connect the dots, and create matches.” Fitze, who also works in the field of AI as a start-up promoter, analyst, investor and author, is also focusing on the CognitiveValley Foundation together with Dalith Steiger. “Our aim here is to position Switzerland as a leading global location for AI,” explains Fitze, who is actually also a passionate sailor – sailing not only the waves of the latest digital trends but also that of our oceans. Fitze added, based on the obvious potential for industries driven by cognitive technologies, we don’t only need more skilled workers, but we also need “de-hollywoodized” information spread around about – that SwissCognitive also provides. Furthermore, as he added, “Companies are no longer just interested in increasing their efficiency with AI, they also want to tap into completely new, global business models.” To do that, they have to think outside their own industry – and this is precisely where Fitze supports them as a bridge builder.

Congratulations to all the Digital Shapers 2022!

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