For ages, AI has always been portrayed as the antagonist in pop culture and movies, be it the iconic HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Auto in Wall-E, T-1000 in the Terminator series, or Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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But is this the future of AI that we are really heading towards? Will every AI program become sentient, self-aware, go rogue, and cause massive destruction?

Well, no! The future of AI brings endless possibilities and applications that will help simplify our lives to a great extent. It will help shape the future and destiny of humanity positively. So, how will the future of AI affect humans? Let’s find out.


AI has already made deep inroads in the transportation sector. Autonomous vehicles are everywhere already. Major auto manufacturers and tech giants like Tesla, Google, General Motors, and others have already developed reliable autonomous vehicles that enable a safe driverless driving experience.

The future of AI will further increase and enhance the applications of AI in autonomous vehicles. For example, while we currently see autonomous driving restricted mostly to cars, we can see the technology being used in trucks, buses, motorcycles, and others. Similarly, we can also have true driverless automobiles with enhanced safety and user experience. The future of AI in transportation is truly exciting and enticing!


AI is the next big frontier in the education sector. It is poised to change offline and online education, helping students and teachers explore new realms in the field. The future of AI in education will see robot tutors that will assist teachers and help enhance the quality of education imparted. For example, if a teacher accidentally skips an important concept, the AI tutor will quickly alert the teacher. AI robot tutors will also take control of repetitive tasks like checking the students’ homework or taking class attendance. This can help save time and resources.

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Stanford University’s panel of leading AI academics has this to say about the future of AI in education, “Over the next 15 years in a typical North American city, the use of intelligent tutors and other AI technologies to assist teachers in the classroom and in the home is likely to expand significantly.


Healthcare is one of the most crucial sectors where AI is making a huge impact, simplifying processes and helping save millions of lives. Its impact is set to increase further in the future. As per Deloitte, the future of AI in healthcare will: […]

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