The global workforce has, today, readily embraced the new normal of hybrid workplace models.


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Keeping up with expectations of flexibility at work, businesses are evolving rapidly with an eye toward post-pandemic life. The challenges and benefits of remote work coupled with the Great Resignation/Reshuffle have resulted in greater attention to the concerns of employee satisfaction.

An engaged workforce has numerous benefits for businesses. According to a Forrester survey, 77% of respondents state that employee experience (EX) initiatives have resulted in increased revenue, and another 50% say that the initiatives have helped them hit their growth targets. In fact, a recent HBS research roundtable affirmed that ensuring great EX is the cornerstone to delivering world-class customer experience (CX).

Conversational AI for better experiences

One of the ways organizations can improve both CX and EX is by adopting conversational AI solutions. By integrating data sources and intelligent functionality into customer service via conversational AI, businesses are already offloading redundant work from human agents while also scaling their reach across more platforms and channels that customers use.

But applications for AI-enabled automation don’t stop at just customer support and engagement. This technology offers massive value to automate internally across numerous people management activities.

Two prime areas for EX automation are human resources (HR) and IT services management (ITSM). According to Gartner, by 2023, 75% of all HR management queries will be initiated through a conversational platform to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce. Deploying dynamic AI agents or advanced virtual assistants in these functions can free up time for personnel and likely save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Based on our calculations, a company with a top line of $8 billion that deploys a dynamic AI agent for a period of three years can see potential savings of up to 65% on their HR costs.

In addition to financial benefits, conversational AI also provides for less tangible ROIs that contribute immensely when it comes to optimizing HR process proficiencies.

Streamlined and swift processes through AI automation

Large enterprises today strive to achieve their internal digital transformation goals by automating different functions using robotic process automation (RPA). However, deploying the right tool to make the right resource available at the right time is one key challenge they continue to face. This is where conversational AI solutions step in to bridge this gap through integration with existing RPA. The parent AI agent enables seamless orchestration between many other AI agents, each responsible for specific functions, to avoid ambiguity by aggregating information available across all channels into one single interface. Essentially, conversational AI solutions help in streamlining processes by converging an organization’s current tech suite, without the need to switch between multiple applications and portals.[…]

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