Individuals and societies face motivating, inspiring and potentially broad difficulties as a result of digitization and virtualization in education.


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Artificial intelligence and machine learning in education will be important drivers of growth and innovation, just like they have been in all industries. Individuals should be able to build more comprehensive expertise, knowledge and abilities, as well as release their innovative potential, using smart and intelligent educational methods and resources. While AI-powered solutions have been around for a while in the EdTech field, the industry has been sluggish to embrace them.

On the other side, the pandemic drastically altered the landscape, forcing instructors to rely on technology for virtual instruction. AI has the potential to improve both learning and teaching, assisting the educational industry in evolving to benefit both students and teachers. The education system can follow businesses and mega-corporations to ensure the advancement of learning and prepare their students for jobs roles incorporating enterprise AI. It refers to the use of advanced machine learning and cognitive skills to uncover and distribute organizational knowledge, data and information in a manner that closely resembles how humans search for and analyze information.

What is Education 4.0?

Technology began to penetrate the educational process in the new millennium, and both students and teachers began to use technology in fundamental ways (otherwise known as Education 2.0). Education 3.0 emerged as technology advanced, especially the widespread adoption of a more user-generated internet. This enabled students to access their own information sources, the ability to learn electronically and platforms to communicate with teachers and other students. Education became more networkable, with students having their own direct link to a range of different knowledge sources, rather than being concentrated on a back-and-forth between students and teachers.

Education 4.0 is a technique of learning that is connected with the fourth industrial revolution and focuses on transforming the future of education through advanced technology and automation. Smart technology, artificial intelligence and robotics are part of this industrial revolution. They are all affecting our daily lives. Universities must prepare their students for a world in which cyber-physical systems are ubiquitous across all industries if they are to continue to produce successful graduates. This entails incorporating technology into the curriculum, altering the learning process entirely, and leveraging technology to enhance the university experience.[…]

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