COMPLEX! If there is one word that best describes moms, it would be complex. Add beautiful to it. Mom’s are beautifully complex!


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Thomas Helfrich, Expert in intelligent automation and Artificial Intelligence Innovation systems


If your mom was anything like mine when I was growing up, you must have a torrid time sieving through multiple errands and chores, accompanied by other follow up questions waiting to be answered.

Phewww, I’ll never know how they do that!

Imagine that artificial intelligence was that complex. Would we have gotten as nearly as close to where we are now?
Artificial intelligence technology plays a salient role in society to help us navigate the complexity of our everyday lives, but the question is, are we conscious enough to see it?

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

The concept and ideology around artificial intelligence will always be subject to debates, just as we argue whose mum cooks better back when we were kids.
However, it is almost impossible not to see the pivotal roles artificial intelligence plays in our way of life. From how we carry out our work, conduct business, or how we enjoy our favourite form of entertainment, let’s not forget distance learning too. Artificial intelligence technology has simplified the process, brought about satisfaction and happiness doing the things we love.
It should not come as a surprise because artificial intelligence has its sole purpose as an enabler to augment how we get tasks done. Contrary to the fear most people have, artificial intelligence is more of a technological avatar of us humans. AI is not some UFOs or aliens or cyborgs from out of space, they are designed and created from our knowledge to make our way of life easier.

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Adopting Artificial Intelligence as a part of our Ecosystem

Imagine how monotonous it would be if you were to spend hundreds and thousands of man-hours doing the same task at your office until you retire.

Wouldn’t that make you sick to your stomach?

But with the rapid rise in adoption and application of artificial intelligence, this same task can be done faster and with more result accuracy.

Autonomous cars are becoming a trend. Blockchain technology has become a mainstay, and the health care industry is constantly adopting systems and technologies to improve our health.
We can’t even exhaust all the use cases of how AI is widely utilized in different industries to achieve the desired result with accuracy. If we venture into that, we won’t be returning home or back to our hotel room today.

However, there is still the need to make the AI process transparent and explainable to be embraced further and trusted. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence makes our lives easier and makes us better at what we do, but transparency about how it works makes us trust the logic to how decisions are made and result gotten.

Benefits of Transparency and Explainability in AI

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is the king of logic as not even humans come close, but, there is still the need for transparency.
Some of the reasons why artificial intelligence should be transparent and explainable for a more robust acceptance include;

  1. It builds confidence and trust among the users because they know how the result is gotten, its logic, and its reliability.
  2. It leads to improvement of the design as abnormalities and other bugs can easily be detected by the developers and improved upon.
  3. It will eliminate the possibility of bias in the system as the data provided can easily be screened to ensure that it doesn’t lead to bias outcomes. This is a very important attribute for transparency as biases in AI are human-engineered.
  4. The purpose of the AI system should be known to customers and businesses that will be adopting it. The context of the system and how the decisions are made should be known.
  5. Meeting regulatory standards and policies is a driver for transparency in an AI system as it ensures that the product meets regulatory standards before being rolled out.


Unless you’ve decided you want to become a caveman soonest where you alienate yourself from all forms of technological advancement, it’s almost impossible not to embrace artificial intelligence technology.
AI may have all the logic in the world, trustworthy and with impeccable decision making, but they can’t take that best next action, and decision making like a mum does. AI will be AI while mums will be mums—not even AI comes close. Mums are second to none, and that’s why you should love and cherish your momma more.

About the Author:

Thomas “Ai Nerd” Helfrich is an expert in intelligent automation and AI Innovation systems. As the CEO and Founder of, he has created the #1 AI-Powered thought leadership content creation company. Thomas is an influencer on LinkedIn and the host of the “AI Nerd – AI With Attitude” YouTube channel. And now also sharing content on Tik Tok: He is always entertaining, informative, and engaging with the audience.