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SwissCognitiveBottom Line: Customers’ preferences, purchasing power, and loyalty need to be the catalyst that drives any digital transformation strategy with AI providing meaningful insights that motivate companies to change.

Digitally transforming or improving customers’ experiences needs to be the cornerstone of any investment in new technologies or business processes. It’s important to get beyond digital transformation as purely a technical, abstract construct and see it as a must-have strategy to retain customers and attract new ones. The most successful digital transformation projects are known for the hundreds, if not thousands, of successful customer stories they generate.

The Better the Data, the More Powerful the Customer Results

Why are customer stories and the data supporting them so essential for digital transformation strategies to succeed? Because everyone loves a good customer story that shows how digital transformation can make you a more empathetic business that understands your customers’ biggest problems.

COVID-19 is creating entirely new paradoxes for organizations in the middle of digital transformation projects. For example, designed-in human contact now needs to be replaced with personalized self-service that can respond 24/7 with perfect accuracy. The pandemic is creating entirely new customer problems that digital transformation needs to be unleashed to solve. Solving them needs to be based on solid data and AI-driven insights. The better the data and insights, the more powerful the customer results. The following are ten ways AI can improve digital transformation’s success rate:

AI is helping to more precisely define customers’ preferences and needs, leading to more accurate personas that guide digital transformation projects from the very beginning. Organizations that are the most successful with digital transformation initiatives can see improvements in customer loyalty rates and customer satisfaction based on a more well-defined persona quickly. Using AI to better understand customer, personas needs to be the foundation of any digital transformation initiative. The most advanced uses of AI for persona development combine brand, event and product preferences, location data, content viewed, transaction histories, and, most of all, channel and communication preferences.

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