AI is no substitute for human search professionals, but the technology is going to completely overhaul the people business, say recruiters. A new report from Korn Ferry uncovers how talent professionals feel about the increasing use of big data and AI in their roles.

SwissCognitiveLet’s go inside the report. For executive recruiters and human resources departments, it has meant a growing number of new, specialized roles to fill and untapped talent to discover.Once feared as making the role of the recruiter impersonal and robotic, AI today gives recruiters the information they need to source and hire higher-quality professionals. Those are the findings of a global Korn Ferry survey of close to 800 talent acquisition professionals.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents said AI has changed the way recruiting is done in their organization, with 69 percent saying using AI as a sourcing tool garners higher-quality candidates. When asked to compare the quality of candidates today to five years ago, when AI was still in its infancy, 59 percent said candidates are more qualified today, and 51 percent said roles are filled in a more timely manner.

According to the survey, talent acquisition professionals are welcoming AI as a tool. Nearly half (48 percent) said Big Data/AI is making their roles easier; 40 percent said it mainly helps is by providing valuable insights; 27 percent said it has freed up their time; and 21 percent said that their teams can focus more on the human aspect of the business.

“AI helps us dramatically enhance outcomes by finding patterns and relationships to better understand what a successful person looks in a particular position,” said Jacob Zabkowicz, Korn Ferry vice president and general manager, RPO, North America. “For example, in a search for a global automotive maker, we discovered that in one country there was a significant movement of executives from the luxury goods sector to the automotive sector – a relationship that wouldn’t have been obvious without AI.”

AI’s Impact

AI is able to eliminate repetitive tasks that slow down business operations. Speeding up business processes enables recruiters to make placements faster than ever seen before. “Along with speed, AI provides cognitive insight into a candidate’s ability to perform a job at a high level,” said Nachi Junankar, founder and CEO of Avrio AI, an artificial intelligence talent platform based in Boston. “This will ensure that recruiters are matching the right candidate to the right job, every time. In addition to analyzing and matching, AI will be able to increase candidate engagement, allowing recruiters to spend more time nurturing potential candidates. Overall, AI is going to allow recruiters to become more strategic and effective.” […]