Many of the jobs that millennials work in today didn’t exist when their parents entered the job market. And chances are the young professionals of the future will work in fields that don’t exist today.

SwissCognitiveSuch is the nature of an economy continuously influenced by new technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to transform the workplace once again. Image courtesy of Shutterstock But while some herald in the AI revolution with unbridled enthusiasm, excited by the opportunities and enriching work it could create, others are more pessimistic. However, both parties agree that AI has widespread application, from automating routine tasks, to making complex decisions instantly. The debate is not so much about the power of the technology itself – all agree it’s revolutionary – but rather the role of the people that will work alongside it.

Either way, experts all agree that the workplace is about to change forever. Here are two ways that AI will change careers for young professionals.

Optimists say AI will create more jobs

A study of 1,000 companies revealed that AI systems created new jobs in 80% of the organizations they were implemented in. In fact, a 2017 Gartner report predicts that AI will create 500,000 more jobs than it will displace over the next three years , ushering a slew of employment opportunities for medium to high-skilled workers.

As the global economy gears up for the widespread adoption of AI solutions, competition grows fierce for employees with the scare skills required to implement, manage, and work alongside this new technology. Developing these skills is therefore vital for any young professional wishing to remain relevant in an increasingly automated workplace.

And as this skilled workforce drives the AI industry forward at an accelerated pace, the demand for more highly trained professionals will grow alongside it. This will result in a workplace comprised of adaptable people – according to Gartner – who’s jobs are reimagined, enriched, or facilitated by the technology they work alongside.

While it’s true that many low-skill jobs will fall by the wayside, replaced by the sophisticated automation AI enables, new careers and industries will emerge that haven’t been invented yet. Just as our parents struggled to predict the emergence of fields like social media or blogging, so too are we incapable of comprehending the jobs AI will create. […]

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