The combination of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will be “mind blowing and profitable,” according to Lorenzo Zanni and Stan Moote. The cool thing about immersive technology like virtual reality (VR) is that it transforms us into an interactive virtual world (full 360 degrees). VR at IBC2016 So how does artificial intelligence (AI) fit with VR?

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SwissCognitive LogoIf AI is typically defined as intelligent technology capable of replicating human learning and problem-solving skills, the trick with VR will be for AI to anticipate what the viewer wants to see and prepare as it streams out to their headset. Gamers are doing this now by starting to incorporate AI alongside canned player action responses. This way when a player does something out of the norm, a new reaction is “dreamed up” by the AI engine.

The virtual world is growing

This adds a whole new dimension to the virtual world and there is no reason why this can’t be used for predicting even simple reactions – such as understanding where the viewer will most likely be looking to assure the appropriate resolution is ready to view even when the viewer’s head moves quickly. The recent IABM End-User Survey revealed that 10% of end-users have already launched some sort of VR offering. Some 45% said that they are “likely” or “very likely” to launch a VR video offering in the next two-three years while 45% said that they are “unlikely” or “not at all likely” to do so.

While the industry is very excited about this new technology, there are indeed some caveats to make. VR technology for content acquisition and production is already available but it is priced at a premium compared to other formats – even UHD. At the final consumer end, awareness of the new technology is not high and headset prices remain steep.Most importantly, VR technology requires the […]