SwissCognitive is recognized with their second award within 10 months of existing.


On May 23rd 2017, the jury at Digital Business World Congress – DES 2017  in Madrid, one of the leading global conferences for digital transformation with more than 18’000 participants, has selected SwissCognitive as one of most disruptive start-ups of our time, putting us at second place of the DES “Best Digital Disruption Start-up” award. Only beaten by well-established tech-disruptor BlaBla Car, this catapults SwissCognitive in the top-league of disruptive start-ups within only 10 months of our existence.

We are thrilled about this honour, as it is the fruit of our hard work over the last months, and proves that we are on to something truly meaningful. The jury has chosen us as a finalist because of our very promising approach to build a global hub for Artificial Intelligence and cognitive networks. Lluis Altes, Member of the Jury & Strategy Director Digital World Congress has given us very motivating feedback:

“Swisscognitive convinced the jury because of its stunning achievements and global influence in such a short period of time. AI is massive and disruptive. Their idea of building a common global AI hub is a added value for all of us.”

Two years ago, it became very apparent to us that intelligent systems will have a significant impact on our working environment and our daily life. We realized that it urgently needed a wake-up call for the economy. Therefore in September 2016, we have established SwissCognitive – today, only 10 months later, 80 companies representing over 2 Million employees are engaginSwissCognitiveg on our AI hub.

Our aim to establish SwissCognitive as “THE Global AI Hub in Switzerland” is opening us many doors we are knocking on, be it in Switzerland, New York, Tel Aviv or now in Madrid. The development of cognitive intelligence is equal to a tectonic shift in the economic environment. Our meetings and conversations with many representatives of global economy, politics, society, NGOs and in technology have shown a clear need for creating a central platform on which all interested parties can exchange, learn about AI and build a network for implementing cognitive technologies. There are still many open questions related to AI we need to address as a society, and if we do this now in a coordinated way on a global level, we can tap into the full potential of AI for the future benefit of all.

We are very proud of this amazing recognition by the jury in Madrid, and are moving forward with even more steam and drive.