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You suck at. Like many users, you’ve tried to come up with relevant or witty tweets but failed. You’ve either been unable to grasp the concept and use cases of the service, or you’ve gotten bored after succumbing to an overwhelming feeling of knowing nothing you could say could add anything to the conversation. Not everyone can be tweet machines. Before you write off Twitter as useless, perhaps give a try. Post Intelligence seeks to bolster your tweets by providing relevant content to help boost your Twitter confidence.

Post Intelligence

Post Intelligence isn’t just some janky app that dumps a bunch of trending topics in your lap for you to tweet about. Instead, Post Intelligence analyzes your tweets (if you’ve got any to analyze) through deep learning artificial intelligence. Over time it recognizes your tone, quirks and suggests topics and themes tweet about. Aside from content suggestions, Post Intelligence offers personalized trending topics, post engagement prediction, historical reports, sentiment graphing and engagement analysis. All things that new Twitter users don’t care about on the surface, but desperately need. What they do care about is finding a reason to use Twitter or any social network for that reason. Every day brings new users and every day in the world of social is more overwhelming than the last.

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“Social media and a lot of associated tasks are difficult to do for most humans. Things like building a following, making engaging posts can be difficult,” Post Intelligence co-founder Bindu Reddy tells me. “Some people do well, but most people fail on Twitter. Twitter is too smart for most people, too difficult for them to master. Post Intelligence says ‘how do we make your social media tasks easier to do, create more engaging posts, more followers, more engagement and so on?’ […]

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