Social Survey 2016

While digitalization disrupts whole industries, individuals are also affected by change. Hence, a survey was conducted to ask the Swiss population how they deal with digital transformation, use new technologies and perceive the impact of digital technology – what do the people in Switzerland say and feel?

  • 56% of people from the younger generation (aged 15-29) expect that new technologies will lead to job cuts – nearly one-third of the generation 50+ believes that there will be new jobs created. 
  • Significantly more than 60% of respondents believe that digitalization offers great opportunities, while around one-third see it as a threat to economy and society. 

  • The Swiss people are not the first to adopt new technologies. 
  • Around one-third of people in Switzerland refrain from using e-banking, despite high general trust in the technology – the same applies to credit card payments via the internet. 

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  • 90% of respondents think that schools should convey basics of technological knowledge – 70% think that there should be special training for the elderly. 

  • Around 60% of people in Switzerland believe that smart technologies are important to achieve the energy turnaround. 
  • One-third of people in Switzerland believe that Swiss politicians understand the meaning and impact of new technologies with regard to the future of Switzerland. 

  • Around one-third of people in Switzerland want traditional service providers to be protected from disruptive business models. 
  • Currently, only a few people would trust an electronic signature. 

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