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IBM catching up fast in the cloud business

Big Blue is the dark horse in the cloud computing segment. 105-year-old IBM has been under constant scrutiny, with its own past performance weighing heavily on the company. IBM was also a bit late to the cloud party, but the moment they identified the future line of business that they want to be in, the company bulldozed its way into the analytics and cloud niches, spending billions of dollars to buy company after company in the last five years.

Some of IBM’s big ticket and important acquisitions in the last five year include:

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure provider Softlayer for $2 billion in 2013
  • Cybersecurity provider Trusteer for $1 billion in 2013
  • Database as a Service provider Cloudant in 2013
  • The Weather Company and its digital assets in 2015
  • Streaming video provider UStream in 2016
  • Truven Health Analytics for 2.6 billion in 2016

There were several more acquisitions during that time. A closer look would reveal that IBM was buying companies that could offer them some edge on analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, healthcare analytics, cybersecurity and so on. If you think about it, all of that either sits within analytics or cloud.

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History is littered with corporations that were not able to adapt. What works for a particular generation is not always going to work for the next. Apple, for example, pulled the rug from under Blackberry and Nokia, transforming the world of smartphones. Warren Buffett says that he will never invest in technology companies because he doesn’t understand them, but what he is really saying is that technology industry is easy to disrupt so he would rather invest in companies that are least prone to disruption. IBM has survived the technology industry over many generations and cycles, and now they are making a painful transition to the new world order – cloud computing at its most powerful […]