How AI and virtual reality change the event industry

2016 was a big year for droids, as two different installments of the Star Wars series finished among the year’s 10 highest-grossing films . But elsewhere in the universe, artists and politicians alike were declaring war on “bots.”

Bots buying event tickets in bulk

Superstars like Adele and “Hamilton” producer Lin-Manuel Miranda all waged public campaigns against ticket-harvesting software used in the resale market. As these bots are blamed for fans’ inability to acquire tickets. Laws targeting these ticket bots were introduced. However, in the near future, it’s possible that emerging virtual reality and artificial intelligence
technologies could change what it even means to “attend” an event.  With a self-contained virtual reality experience and live 360-degree video, millions of fans could sit in the same virtual “seats” for which scalpers currently charge thousands of dollars. Virtual reality streaming will give SwissCognitive Logoconsumers a choice about how and where they experience events. It could make concerts easier to access for international fans or fans with disabilities.

Sport events from the front row

The NBA already is leveraging virtual reality to increase ticket revenues and expand choices for fans. To take part, fans would need a virtual reality headset, a smartphone, a streaming app and generally, a subscription or virtual “ticket.” With those things in hand, they could watch from center stage. The technology makes it possible to customize one’s experience by moving between virtual seats or camera angles, changing the volume or sound quality or inviting friends to experience the same event with you.

AI helps you find the perfect seat

More advanced algorithms use artificial intelligence to better match fans with seats and improve user experience. By analyzing the needs of consumers and the constraints of venues, AI can suggest the best seat for you and help venues adjust their offerings. Therefore, the experience of the next concert or sport event will be exactly tailored to the consumer’s needs.

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