It is a future technology that will affect all areas of our life and economy. The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are already impressive: in speech and image recognition, the analysis of large amounts of data and the automation of increasingly complex tasks. The speed in the further development of AI is breathtaking. And the larger the amount of data, the more reliant on AI methods for evaluation.

At the same time, companies must ensure in practice that the technology can be used safely. Because in many cases the methods of AI are so powerful precisely because they find their own way to the solution – and thus highly complex and less transparent results are possible. This is why practitioners face a major challenge: machine intelligence must be reliable and predictable if it is trusted with more and more tasks.

In addition to the technical aspect, the human part must not be neglected in practice. AI applications will be most effective for the foreseeable future if they support people in their work and take on routine tasks. However, employees have to be trained and new processes applied.

At the “Artificial Intelligence 2020” finance and business forum, find out in which areas artificial intelligence is already being used successfully. Discuss with experts how to overcome challenges in practice. In the deepening sessions you also have the opportunity to discuss your questions directly with our partners.